Monday, June 29, 2009

Sister News!

There are so many neat life experiences, bonds, understandings, etc.. that a part of the unique blessing of having a sister. Not all sisters experience them but most do, they are just part of being a sister. It is one of the neatest relationships on earth!

Then there are those other sister experiences that very few people get to share and one of those is what I want to fill you in on. Of course if you already have read my sister, Jamie's blog, then this will come as no surprise.

JAMIE AND I ARE BOTH PREGNANT!!!:) It is such a precious time of life and we get to walk through it together at least this once, at least this time, her second and my first:) God is good! Such a blessing! We both have our first appointments coming up to where we will know more details about due dates and how close we really are in the process, but from what we can tell, we are within one month of each other!

I just think it is so cool! We always said, like all sisters do, how fun it would be to have our kids close together and how much fun they would have. If we only knew that God was looking down on us smiling and knowing exactly what that was going to look like. Josiah at 15-16 months when his first cousin and first sibling are born. The three of them will be so close!

Anyways, I wish I had some childhood pics of Jamie and I to add to the adult sister pic, but regardless.

We are thrilled!:)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life Lately....

I just got back from spending a week in Houston with my family! It was wonderful, relaxing, and like I always say, much needed. Once again, I wish Jason could have been there with me, but for this season, such is life!

Mom and Dad took great care of me as always, they pampered me is how I define it, but who will complain, not I!:) I spent majority of my time with MOM:) We looked at baby stuff, ran errands, went to fun lunches, cooked dinner, and much more. However, in the mornings before Dad left for work, on the weekend I arrived, and in the evenings Dad got to be with us. Then on three of the days I was in town we spent time with Jamie and Josiah! My nephew is the sweetest, most precious baby ever! He is a HAPPY baby!

Last Sunday we celebrated my Dad's Father's Day early since I was in town. We went out to Jamie and Jay's grilled, hung out, and enjoyed a nice family day. It was great fun! I have a few adorable pictures of Pappa Bear and Josiah together from that day, his firts Father's Day, being a grandfather!! Unfortunately I did not get many other pics of anyone else.

Not only did I not get pics on Father's Day of others, but not the entire week. We are going to have to get better about that! My new mission is to get pics of all family combos when we are together from here forward!

Anyhow, as for pregnancy, there are some days where it still just doesn't seem real or it is surreal. I am sure once I have a baby bump or start feeling flutters it will start becoming more real or after my first doctor's appointment when we get pics and hear the heartbeat. Regardless, it has been fun! I have not been sick except for one day. I am so INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for that!

Funny pregnancy fact:
Meat and myself currently don't quite jive. If it is meat that is part of a hamburger,cut up finely in pasta or salad, the meat in tacos, and variations of that sort, I still enjoy it. However, the thought of having a solid chunk of meat sitting in front of me on a plate, could not be further from appetizing. On top of that, I have also been having a hard time with smelling ANY MEAT cooking! Hormones are crazy things. I will have to work hard to still cook with meat for my sweet husby, so he doesn't have to miss out on meat due to my weird hormonal aversion!

I will keep you all posted on pregnancy and try to start adding pics back in my blog posts. However, belly pics will not be coming until there is something to show!

Have a blessed day and weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Miracle of Life

We are excited to share that.........

Jason and I are expecting our first little bambino!!!!!

We are beaming with JOY! It is apparent to us both that this is God's absolute perfect timing for our family! He is so GOOD to His children!

I don't go see the doctor until July 1st, but the approximate due date I was given from the online prego calc is February 1st:) That calc also estimates that as of now I am 5 weeks and 4 days along. I need to get the little pregnancy tracker bar on my blog itself, to keep whomever my blog readers are up to date on how big the baby is and how far along I am. I will get Jamsky to tell me how to do that! Also, I will start posting belly pics I am sure. I always love it when everyone else does it:)

So far I have not been sick at all, Praise God! I have been a little more tired but nothing too bad! We will see what is to come over the next several months!

Well, we are just thrilled!!! A baby Campbell to add to the mix of so many of our friends' and families' little kiddos!!

We ask all of you to join us in prayer over this pregnancy, the health of the baby and myself, and that this precious child will grow up with a fierce HEART FOR GOD and understanding of His ways.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day!

Yeah for a BABY!!!