Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am going home to spend time with my familia for nine days! I am very excited and very ready to see my family. 6 hours is too far from them:( I am going to spend time with mom and dad until this upcoming Thursday and then spend the second weekend with Jamie and Jay.

As I am sure you all have noticed though I am using the word "I" not "we". Jason does not get to come with me and I am SAD! I do not like leaving him for that long, but H-town is too stinking far to go back and forth more often. I know that Jason is a grown man and can take care of himself, but I wish I could do both. I enjoy cooking dinner for us, keeping the house picked up, etc.. I AM GOING TO MISS YOU HONEY!!

On another note--
Jason and I went to the Drive In movie here in town the other night. For $7 a head you can go and pick between two different screens for the early movie and the late movie. We went to go see Indiana Jones and Chronicles of Narnia (that we did not stay for--because we are old--and were tired by the 11:15 start for the second movie:)), and Abilene was in the middle of a pretty decent thunderstorm. We have never been to the drive in when it was so busy. What a crazy thought!! The lightning was bolting down and lighting up the sky directly behind the screen we were watching the movie on, it was pouring down rain, and everyone was watching the movie through their windshield wipers!

IT WAS THE COOLEST THING, SO PRETTY! God is a creative God. We were sitting there in amazement. It was also a lot of fun, we were able to be in a safe place (due to being grounded in the car), watch a good movie and a thunderstorm. Who would of thought?

Well I finally get to see my prego sisters belly on Saturday! I have not seen her since she was barely even showing! I AM STOKED!!

By the way Rox if you are reading this, thanks for sharing the link to Audrey Caroline's story.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Few Thoughts

So the last few days God has been speaking to me quite a bit. Probably wondering why we are having to go down some of the same roads again. There truly have been about five or six revelations He has shown me or reminded me of once again about myself or Jason and I's life right now.

However, what I wanted to share with those who read my blog is how frustrated I get when I allow the enemy to distract me with being preoccupied. It really does not matter what it is--from being tired, to watching TV, to homework, cleaning, to trying to lean on my own understanding, or my plans for Jason and I's life instead of the Lords, etc.. The enemy knows my weakness and he is out to devour.

Everyone's walk with the Lord looks a little different from the way they worship, spend personal time with him and so on. For myself I need daily time with the Lord. The last several months I have fallen into the "preoccupation trap"-- if you will-- and not been having that time consitently. When I am not, I am not as joyful, loving, servant-hearted, content, and at peace. (You could reverse that last sentence and say I am more easily discontent, bitter, and selfish)The reason being is because our nature and flesh are ugly and selfish. I obviously needed to be humbled again to remember and be EVER SO GRATEFUL that we have no good in us apart from Him. So if I wanted to find more of my joy and servant heart again I had to FIX MY EYES on Him, reach up, take His hand and grab hold of it once again. If only we could learn and experience a truth once and never have to revisit it again.

Many of you out there will understand the following... It is not that in the times I am yielding too much to the flesh or the schemes of the enemy that I am always unhappy, miserable, sad, or ungrateful but the abundance of life that the Lord desires to give me can not be at its fullest. I deisre to fulfill every single purpose that the Lord has for me in this season right now for the sake of His kingdom, and I am missing out when I am not in tune, growing daily in wisdom and discernement, and communing with HIM!!! I must embrace the here and now for His kingdom purposes and for myself can not do that fully enough without my time with Him.

Thank You Lord for your mercy, compassion, patience and love. Invade our lives!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Date Night!!

This evening ended up being date night for Jason and I. We had a blast:) We went to dinner and then to Primetime Entertainment Center. It is a newer place in Abilene with bowling, laser tag, put-put, go-karts, batting cages, etc... We chose to play 18 holes of "miniature golf". The course was really neat. It had pins in all the holes, it simulated sand traps, had real water trouble and so on. Jason beat me by 5 strokes, but I don't care because I got a "hole in one", if that is technically possible on a miniature golf putting hole:) Haha! That is funny but I was super excited (refer to the following picture.. I am holding up my one finger--I am a dork!)

Then we went to the batting cages. Jason swung at super fast baseball pitches while I stuck with slower softball pitches. I have a feeling I am going to be sore in the morning. I have not swung a softball bat in many years! We had a good time though!

It was a gorgeous night here in west Texas. Tonight's date took Jason and I on a stroll down memory lane. When we were engaged I went up to visit Jason in Branson, MO. We went out to a really nice dinner and then to a entertainment center like the above and the evening was just as beautiful. During the time he was up there we did not get to see much of each other and our time that weekend was blessed.

Jason and I daily count our blessings. Everyday we are amazed at the ways we see God working in our lives and the ones we love. He reminds us of His majesty in simple ways like a cool breeze on a summer evening. I love being outside in His creation, and this evening my precious husband and I were blessed to enjoy it together. I thank the Lord everyday for Jason, the man of God he is, and how sweetly he treats me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Excitement All Around!!

Well where do I begin....

Basically there is lot of fun and blessed news in the people's lives we love....

1. As we know Jamie and Jay are having a boy, that is a constant excitement and joy. I am going home in a few weeks to visit fam and see my prego sister!!!!

2. My cousin, Bethany, got engaged this weekend! We are all so excited for her and the Cod-man. Jason and I love Cody, her fiance, and can not wait for their big day. This summer the house of the Campbells + Betho will be busy with talk of wedding plans!! I can not wait to see you Beth, give you a hug, and take a look at that BEAUTIFUL ring (so I have heard). You will be a stunning bride.

3. Kellen and Paul, Jason and I's dear friends from college, as well as my current co-worker/boss, are PREGO!! They just found out today that they are five weeks pregnant. How exciting. The Lord is good. Another person we love has been blessed with the sweet miracle of a child!

4. Haylee and Shay, another couple friend of Jason and I's found out that they are PREGO as well, for the third time. She currently has two little ones under the age of two. Lift up prayers for sweet Haylee and there now family of five! I love and miss you girl!

That is it for now on Baby Mania:)!
We had a blast. It was a much needed and fun weekend. We went shopping, got manicures and pedicures, and went to dinner and a comedy club. That was my first experience in a comedy club and it was improvisational comedy. FUNNY! I will try to post some pics. Thanks for a good time roomies.

Gotta run...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yeah for our Nephew!!!

I was waiting to post the sex of my sister's baby until she had a chance to tell everyone and post it herself.

So.. if you had not picked up on it, Jason and I will be Uncle and Aunt to a little baby boy, Josiah Andrew!! What a precious name! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! I can start buying stuff now:)

What a blessing babies and families are. I am amazed with everyday as we age the more and more we learn to appreciate and love family. What is more important in life? I love how God created us as humans, what he instilled in us, and who He is.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Death to Grad School

So.. I am having one of those days where I am in a love-hate relationship with my degree. I love the stimulating conversations we have in group discussion. The topics we are studying are really interesting, but my group members are not always cooperating, atleast not until last minute. I have been going at school work now for about 4.5 hours!! Funny part is there is still a lot left to do. OH WELL.

There is light at the end of the tunnel:) Once I make it through the next few days and get everything finished, I am headed to Arlington to spend a weekend with my beloved college roomies and life long friends!! Our time spent together is long overdue and we are all very excited. We are going to hang out, talk, get manicures and pedicures, go to a comedy club, shop, etc... We are going to LIVE IT UP!! So since it is only Monday and I am already telling you about my weekend plans, I am sure you can sense my excitement. I will be posting pics once I get back.

Jason is on a recreational softball league here in town with some friends of ours. He loves it. The last two weeks have been cancelled though which as been a bummer. They only have about three games left, so be praying for pretty nights in Abilene the next three Tuesday evenings.

Last night we had a BBQ with our life group and played games. We had a blast. We are forming relationships. Praise God!

Gotta get back to my school work now, thanks for the break my fellow blog readers:)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Slow Progress

Hey everyone. Well I have spent about 45 minutes trying to figure out how to put pictures (especially larger in size)on here, how to make a list of links to friends blogs, and to choose a template I really like. I have figured a few of those items out, but not all of them. Wendi, I have decided since I will be with you next weekend that you can teach me how to be an excellent blogger! I decided to play around with our blog instead of do school work, but this must be short lived.

So.. today Betho left for four weeks. How sad. She might have been ready for a break from J and I, but I think she secretly loves her life with us.

WE FIND OUT THE SEX OF MY SISTER'S BABY (or Ras as many of us refer to it) NEXT WEEK!! HOW FUN!

Something else going on in Jason and I's life that we are so thankful for is our life group. We have joined a life group at church and have already been truly blessed by it. As of now there are just four couples in our group, but they are incredible men and women of faith. We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for our group. We have been so hungry for fellowship and church community. We have been involved in a neat Marriage Matters class for young married couples, which our life group formed out of, where there are many neat believers seeking to be men and women after God's own heart!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

First Blogging Experience!

So.. I never really thought I would become a blogger. However, Jason and I had a spontaneous urge earlier today and decided we would try this out. I always thought in order to blog I needed to be excellent with words and witty, but then I thought better and decided to at least provide updates that will possibly be boring to read than nothing at all.

As for Jason and I right now, life is swell. We are happy and blessed. Jason is really enjoying his job. His hours are still long, but he finally has Tuesdays off as well as his normal Sunday off. I have been taking Tuesdays off as well. For us Tuesday is like most people's Saturday and it has been wonderful. My job is also going well. We are finally in a more relaxed season in our job and come June I have the entire month off! Hallelujah!:)

Exciting news right now in our lives...
Bethany (my cousin) is living with us. She is helping us feel young again. We have found ourselves staying up a little later, etc.. It has only been a week, but a blast!

Also, as most of you know, my sister Jamie is prego!!! Little Raz has started moving more and kicking Jamie at night:) We will be finding out the sex at the end of the month and can not wait!

More to come...