Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tributes and more....


Yesterday was my birthday which happen to be on Jason's day off, which was wonderful. We had a great time hanging out:)!

My whole life growing up I shared my birthday with my precious grandfather, who is no longer with us. However, we both looked forward to our family birthday celebrations in honor of us on our special day. I miss him always, but every year on my birthday I usually spend several minutes in prayer and thought about all our wonderful memories and God's faithfulness in Grandpa's life. My Aunt Vicki passed along a pic so that I could share with you all a pics of this man full of love and excitment for family. I know we will all be blessed by seeing this Grandpa's smiling face below. I miss and love you Grandpa! I am excited for the day I will see you again:)

Yesterday was also my nephew, Josiah Andrew's, 2 month birthday which is a big deal at this age!! We love him so much. He is adorable, the center of attention, and growing so fast! I miss him bunches and can not wait to spend a lot of time with him around Christmas.


As you can tell we have had the privelege of sharing our birthdays as well normally. My dad is an incredible man, with a servant's heart thru and thru. Our family is lucky to have him. We love you dad.

Pic of Dad and I, but another pic of Dad follows, Happy Bday, I guess?:)

I also am supposed to post the 4th picture in my picture album on my computer, so it is below.....

The men of our family, surfing!! Fun fourth pic:)

I now tag Mary Beth, Wendi Holmes, Bethany Freede, and whomever else would post a pic!! LOL!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Weight Lifted....

Yesterday was a GREAT DAY!!

1. I finished my last assignment for school until January! Hallelujah. This past course, I found myself very burned out.

2. Work has calmed down. There will still be things to do and take care of, but it has slowed. I needed the break, at least for a few days:)

3. I got my haircut:) I was needing color, shaping, etc.. I had been getting my hair done by a friend for awhile, but she is about to stop working because she is pregnant:), so I went back to Caroline, my lady all through college. It was great to see her and catch up and we decided to...... CUT BANGS! I really like them so far. They are different, but a nice change.

Anyways, I had been really stressed and tired. I felt truly WEARY possibly for one of the only times, if not the first in my life. So, when all that took place yesterday, I felt on top of the world!

Jason and I are excited to have time together, where we neither one are traveling separately, at least until late on Christmas day.

The hustle and bustle of this Christmas season, never ceases to amaze me, I mean I am in Abilene, TX. Granted there are not a ton of stores to shop, but every evening and weekend day--- the traffic is nuts!! I will not get on a soap box about it, but just had to throw it out there.

Well I am off for now to relax, a lovely concept, and then grocery shop, so I can begin cooking every evening again. The next couple weeks are going to be BLISS!!

God Bless!

Recommendation: If you have not read or heard about Rick Warren's, The Purpose of Christmas, they are selling cheap at Wal-mart. Neat!

Thanksgiving Pics...

So here are all the Thanksgiving pics from the above post. Yes, I realize they are a bit tardy!

Josiah and his Great Grandma:)

Thanksgiving Table

Josiah and I after bath time!
He loves his bath time and knows how to chilax!!

Josiah meeting Uncle JJ for 1st time. He LOVED him!!

Josiah and I talking and playing

3 pics of Josiah's football onsie for his 1st football game, adorable!!

Fam on Sunday before everyone started heading out (I was given no warning of pics, grr...)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving and more.....

Hello World!

I am sitting here in a rocking chair, next to my lit Christmas tree, in a warm cozy house, drinking my coffee after Jason and I's wonderful workout this morning. WHAT A LIFE:) The coziness and lack of feeling rushed is something I cherish, especially when it is 26 degrees outside.

The Holidays make me happy. I love Christmas. I love the hub bub around Christmas, the decorations, the music, the family and friend gatherings, the Christmas smells, the automatic Joy that the season brings, and most of all the MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!!

However, before I rave on too much about Christmas I must tell you all about Thanksgiving. It was WONDERFUL. My family (mom, dad, jamie, jay, & josiah) came to us this year. It was Jason and I's first Thanksgiving to host. I loved having them in my home, setting up a table here, and the closeness of the days they spent here. Jason and I still live in a two bedroom duplex, so it was close quarters, which made it all the more fun and memorable. As for hosting, it definately does take preperation, but thanks to my selfless mother, she helped with much of the food preparation before they ever got here, so not all of it was on my shoulders. Jason fried a turkey and MMMM, DELICOUS! In west texas many would say, "finger lcikin' good":)!

I miss family time dearly, so it was medicine to my soul. And that precious baby boy Josiah, need I say more. I was priveleged to spend many hours holding him while he slept, chaning diapers, bathing him, and staying up night shifts with him, which I would not trade for anything in the world. He is absolutely perfect, an ANGEL! YaYa and Papa Bear might say I was a Josiah hoarder, but that is fine by me:).

Anyways, the girls went into the computer room and watched movies on the computer while the men hogged the big screen for football watching! I would have enjoyed that as well, but wanted to spend time with mom and sipper.

On Friday, we went to Seymour to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday party. She is unbelievable. I don't know if I have ever shared with you all about this healthy and vibrant woman. She lives on the farm that my Grandpa built with his own hands by herself now that he has passed. She still gets on their riding lawn mower and mows their land, can you believe that? Anyways, she showed up to her party in HIGH HEELS, hot pink nail polish, a lavendar skirt suit, and as SPUNKY AS I CAN REMEMBER. I pray that when I am older I can be as healthy, full of life, and passionate about actively living the time I have left as she is. She is our only living grandparent at this point, so her getting to meet Josiah was a very neat thing for Jamie and Jay, as well as me. I cherished that moment, in case I am not blessed with a similar one.

Anyways, it was a great celebration and party with a lot of family. Jason was able to come out after work and meet the rest of my dad's side of the family that he had not met. We proceeded to play movie charades and he stole the show:)! I married a fun and funny man!

Finally, Saturday we went to the ACU Football Playoff game. It was so fun, but heartbreaking. They had an excellent season and lost in the National Quarter Final game. However, Josiah had a special outfit on for the day and was adorable. His first football game in a football onsie that had football feet.

Anyways Jason and I were sad to see the family go, but we had an eventful and fun week.

For me season is officially over. I now am able to focus on my last few school assignments before a long break, get ready for christmas, and take care of many things that had been put on the back burner. I won't bore you with all the details though.

If you are still reading this, what great friends, if it is family-- well you should be:) JK!!

Love you all, have a blessed Holiday Season. Let us not forget what Christmas is truly all about! We serve a gracious God, who displayed His unfathomable love and mercy through the precious gift of His son, our Savior!

Pics to come, probably later this afternoon!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Updates

1. Our season is now officially over:( The girls played great at our conference tournament though.

2. Last week I got two weeks behind on homework, so this week so far has been make up city, but we get two weeks for next weeks due to Thanksgiving.

3. Mom/dad and Jamie/Jay and BABY JOSIAH, are coming to Jason and I for thanksgiving. I AM BEYOND EXCITED!! We will have lots of great family togetherness and fun. Much needed and Jason has not met Josiah yet. Yipee!!

4. As an echo to a post I read of my cousins earlier, regardless of who you/we voted for all that is left to do is get on our knees and pray for our country and our new leader.

5. I love winter. I love the cold. I love that winter means holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means Easter is even closer.

6. One of Jason and I's dear friends is getting married this weekend. Praise God.

7. My co-worker and good friend, Kellen, has been put on bed rest until her precious little one gets her, lift her up please.

8. ACU Football is hosting a playoff game here this Saturday. If we win we host another one the following week. We have a great shot at making it to the DII national championship! Go Cats!!!

9. I haven't seen enough movies lately due to lack of time, but I am excited to start catching back up.

10. I have been going 90-nothing this week, with work, school work, doing necessary things around the house, yet I feel alive. I am a dork and as tired as I get, I love being productive. Go figure.

11. I need a pedicure now that season is over.

12. We are celebrating my Grandma's 90th birthday the day after thanksgiving. How cool is that. Thank You Lord for grandma's health and life.

Enough randomness for now! Have a blessed day and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Josiah......

I finally have a few minutes to sit down and do one of two things I want to do, which are spend some quality time with my husband and write a post about Josiah Andrew (my nephew)!

He was born on October 16th, as I have already posted. I got to finally see him on Saturday the 18th. I stayed with Jamie, Jay, and Josiah from Saturday evening through Monday evening, along with my mom and dad! It was INCREDBIBLE!!

This child is the most precious angel EVER! For those of you who are moms/dads or aunts/uncles, I am sure you know the feeling, but there are no words to describe what perfection he is and the amount of love one can possess:) He is PERFECTLY, ADORABLY, PRECIOUS!!!

I got to be there for a few of Josiah's first:

1. His first day home from the hospital, so first night at home.
2. His first bath.
3. His first doctor's appointment.
4. His first outing--- to target with us!
5. His first pacifier-- he loves his paci.
6. His first time in his crib.
7. His first time in his bouncer.
8. His first time in his swing.

His bouncer, pack n' play, and swing all have the ability to vibrate. The vibration is soothing to him. He is such a doll.

When I had to leave Houston to come back to reality, the whole way to the airport I could not believe it. Even though it was only a few short days I was there, it was wonderful. It is wierd now that I can not go to the next room and see him, hold him, burp him, help him fall asleep, and cuddle him. NOT COOL!!!

However, that is why I am only his aunt and Jamie is his mother:). You guys would not believe her immediate ability to have a motherly touch and insight. She is a natural and doing such a wonderful job. I love you sis and miss you dreadfully (haha, I sound british or something)!

I will post some pics of Josiah to follow, but for now I need to give a shout out to my WONDERFUL HUSBAND!!!.......
My schedule in the fall is just awful. This season so far since the last weekend in August I have been home for only one weekend. Those trips usually have me leaving on Wednesday night. I know it is just the nature of my job, but
it can not be easy. Jason, THANK YOU, for being so supportive, loving, understanding, and encouraging. You provide me the exact support and love I need at this time in the year. THANK YOU for supporting me in this career choice, because I know it causes us to have such little time together.
I love you more than words!!

Now time to reveal more of the bundle of joy.....

Josiah with his YaYa

Jamie, Josiah, and I at Target

Josiah is about to have his 1st sponge bath:)

Josiah sleeping peacefully on Papa Bears Chest!!
Papa Bear is my dad.

Uncle JJ and Aunt Lindsey love and miss you sweet boy!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


My sweet nephew was finally born last night at 11:30pm. He weighs 7 lbs 4 oz and is 19.5 inches long. I am not able to be with them right now, but last night he whimpered in the phone and sounded like an angel.

Jamie was a champ from all I hear. I will let her tell all you blog readers more. However, I got to talk to her several times throughout the day and be as much a part of the day as possible.

I will be going home to see him this Saturday through Monday, yeah!!!!

Well I need to run, but wanted to tell the world that I AM AN AUNTIE AND JASON'S AND I'S NEPHEW IS HERE!!

I will leave the rest of story time up to Jamie when she gets a chance. For now here is one pic.....

Little Josiah

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anxiously Awaiting Josiah.....

Well at this very moment I have several things I should be doing before we leave town to play a match tonight, none of which I am working on.

I have an assignment due for class no later than 8:00 Saturday morning that the intructions make no sense and I am waiting back to hear from a professor on. I also need to finish packing to go home this weekend and decide if I will leave directly from our match tonight or come back home and head out tomorrow. All of this needs to be accomplished in the next two hours so that I have time to get ready for the day before a doctor's appointment! AGHH!



I have a ton of catching up to do on all of your blogs who blog faithfully. I am behind by atleast four weeks! Yikes!

Well gotta run.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Longest weekend ever....

This past Wednesday, the team and I left town at 2:00pm. We got home Sunday (today) at 3:00pm. We drove to Durango, CO and back for a tournament. The good news is we are 8-0 to start the season. Thank any and everyone who had lifted the team up since my last blog! God has continued to give them strength, clarity of mind, and determination to use their God-given talents in this sport. God has also started really working in their lives spiritually! Pray for God to do mighty works this season spiritually, their hearts are ready and open!

Anyways, my sister's baby is due so soon!! I AM BESIDE MYSELF! CAN NOT WAIT!!

Besides that very brief update my brain is fried at the moment, but I might have enough brain back tomorrow to post more thoughts from our last few weeks.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So.. It has been a month...

Well given I have not posted in a month, you probably have guessed that life is BUSY!! There is so much to write about, I feel slightly overwhelmed.

We just finished two-a-days and are headed to our first tournament this weekend. We have faced a lot of adversity as a team up to this point this season, but the girls have responded well. God has granted them with a peace and go get 'em attitude despite it all. They are a unique group, and I covet any and all prayers you all will lift up for our season, injuries, and health (spiritual and physical) of our players.

Summer Olympics Rocked!! Jason and I watched all that we could when we got home late from work every night, but what we say was captivating. It never ceases to amaze me the talent, the perseverance, determination, and dedication any Olympic athlete must put forth to even be where they are. I agree with you Rox that Phelps is a freak of nature, but most of them are! He is just the King Freak of them all:)

Jamie's due date is getting so close!! Josiah will be here before we know it. We are all so excited and she is the cutest prego ever! Yeah for the miracle of babies! Praise God.

Jason and I are doing well. Nothing new to report, but we are trying to really get disciplined in workouts again if you want to lift that up for us!! It is a crazy time of year for me with work and grad school. I know many people do it, and I will be fine, but our travel schedule makes it rough with consistent workouts and getting it all done!

I miss my family. I do not like not being near my sis during this time. It is just hard. Also, I miss my mom! My travel schedule does not give her a great weekend to come visit me before it is close for Josiah to enter the world. It might be awhile:(!! It think mom and dad might come visit the team and I in San Antonio in a few weekends though!!!

That is all for now!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun Weekend!!

This past weekend, as I am sure most of you have already read on Jamie or Kayla's blog, was a blast! The two events of the weekend were a baby shower for Josiah (or Jamie and Jay:)) and Bethany's lingerie shower! We had such a good time. The shower Gaynor and all the other hostesses threw for Jamie was so special and sweet. They went all out in surfer theme as noted in the following pics....

The shower was precious. Jamie, Jay, and Josiah were abundantly blessed by gifts and love from so many gracious people. We had the chance to pray over Jamie and Jen blessed her with sweet words of edification and words of wisdom. What a day!

Jamie and I before the shower, what a stunning pregnant lady!!

I saw my college roomies all at the shower. Here is a pic of three of us, Wendi had not made it yet! (Shout out to you Wen for your new niece! She is darling!)

Then that evening we headed out to Betho's shower! It was a blast. All the women in the family minus Shelley were there, plus many friends. We had such a good time. Kayla you hosted a great shower for your sis! Here are a few pics of our pajama party shower...

Betho and Aunt Vicki.. (I would have posted more candid pics but my camera does not have many)

Another event of the weekend was my mom, sister, and I all went out to see Anna Kate (goes by Kate), my cousins newborn little girl. She was the most delicate and beautiful little baby! It was so exciting seeing her and made us realize just how soon it is going to be that we are going to have a little one. Josiah is just around the corner!

On Sunday, my parents and I went out to help Jamie and Jay get the nursery all put together. Bedding, clothes washed, etc.. It looked so adorable, but I did not take any pics. After I had said bye to Jamie and headed out I realized that was the last time I would see her before she delivered her sweet baby boy! It was so sad. I know watching her with him in her arms will be a blessing and dear, but there is something about watching and spending time with your sister during pregnancy. I am going to miss that sipper! Too bad we could not of had more of it. I love you.

Well enjoy the pics, that is all I have for now! Jason and I are headed for a relaxing weekend with friends.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Hey everyone! It has been a busy last few weeks. Life has been treating us sweetly though. We have been blessed.

Jason and I bought me a new car today! It was sad to say goodbye to the cougar (it has been a good car and it was my first), but EXCITING to say hello to this....

It is a Jeep, Patriot!!

Cool little guy with great gas mileage! My sister, Jamie, just recently purchased a Patriot as well. Now we have matching cars, but different colors!:) HOW CUTE!

For those of you who have been asking for me to change my picture setting to where you can click on it and it enlarges, I don't know how. Any other bloggers out there who can give a sista' some advice?

This upcoming weekend is going to be a blast. I am headed home to the SL again. My sister's baby shower is Saturday morning!!! I can not wait to be there, give Josiah- Jason and I's gift, and to see the cute things that Josiah is so graciously given by others. Then a change in scenery, Saturday evening is my cousin's lingerie shower!! It is a day full! It will be good, and my new car and I will be taking our first road trip together.

Tomorrow, my cousin Shelley is going to be having their little girl! HOW FUN. WHAT ANOTHER LITTLE BLESSING!

God is so good and gracious. He has revealed himself to me continually lately in my life and those around me. Just like anything we study, new facts and neat realizations come to light the more we learn. I thank God that growing in Him means that we will have never exhausted all there is to know, He continually has parts of His nature and His mystery to reveal!!
Well the day has gotten away from me. I have to run! God Bless.

Monday, June 23, 2008


It has been a long time my blog readers. After my vacation home I last blogged about I was drowning in school work I had to get done before Jason and I headed to Mexico! We went on vacation to a resort in Mexico, south of Playa. We had such a wonderful and RELAXING TIME!! I have pictures to add and show everyone. We did not do much but lay around, sleep, eat, relax, and play a little beach volleyball. The beach was beautiful!!!! The water was aqua blue. So pretty. The first day we scoped out the perfect place for ourselves. It was right under a big palm tree so Jason could be in the shade, and I could soak in the sun. There was also a hammock connected to our tree that we laid in some. We just relaxed, slept on and off, laid out, ate, and got in the water! The second day we went to the beach in the morning, pool in the afternoon, and played a little volleyball. The third day went and got deep tissue massages in the morning--- RIDICULOUSLY GREAT! However, we were both concerned about that over our sunburns we had by that time. It did not hurt though. Right after that we went and ate breakfast and then headed to the sand volleyball court. We played with a skilled and good group for about an hour and a half-- jason and I both in t-shirts and shorts to protects our burned bodies--Ahh! We ended that day at the salt water pool which had an amazing view. One of my favorite afternoons of the trip.

We had a great time, just being away together, hanging out, talking, etc.. However, despite my amazing efforts to not get sunburned, it happened. I applied 50 block like every hour and a half and burned I still was. AHH to fair skin.

Oh well. Anyways, we then went to the Sug where we celebrated a late Father's Day with the family by going to Joe's BBQ in Alvin. We did some damage on all you can eat ribs. They were delicious, but seeing the carnage is quite disturbing!!! The next morning the boys went to play golf and us ladies went and shopped for maternity clothes for Jamsky! She only got a few items but they were adorable and flattering on her prego-self. That evening we went to Jamie and Jay's and Kayla, Lance, and Betho came over. We had a blast eating dinner, playing cards, and hanging out. The night could have only been better if the Codster had been in town:) We miss you buddy.

Sunday morning Jason and I left Sug and started to drive back to Abilene. We stopped in Temple where his sweet family had amazing tasting BBQ and food for us. It was a delicious meal and we had a good time. His cousins, Eric and Launa, and their girls were there. We had not seen the girls in a while and they seem so big. Anyways, it was once again a blessed week, this time Jason and I together, which makes everything so much more complete.

Now, this week I am in class everyday from 8:00-5:00 for a grad school residency session. It went well today. It was nice to finally put names with faces of the people we have been working with so often and closely online. We are going to be doing a lot of role playing to begin truly practicing all we have been studying. It is going to be a great learning experience. We also are getting alot of questions answered from the faculty and staff that we are now getting to see for the first time!!:) Woo-hoo!!

I will update with all the pics soon!