Monday, June 28, 2010

Question for moms...

We are starting to look into convertible car seats. At this point I know nothing. I am assuming that there are some that can be both rear and forward facing and some that are one or the other. I think I would line to just make one purchase. If you don't mind and have young kids, I would live to hear what you have found that you like and don't like, the reasons, and any other advice! Thanks:).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 Months

Our precious little angel is five months old today!  It is hard to believe.  Everyday we spend with her brings us more and more joy!  We are cherishing every little detail of her little personality from day to day! 

Since she has started formula exclusively she is like an entirely different baby!  She is so easy and EXTREMELY happy!!  She also is getting rahter chunky, lol:)! 

Height- 25 3/4 in
Weight- ?? I am assuming about 16.5-17.5 lbs.  I am gonna weigh her soon and will post it then. 

A few things she is up to these days....

  • Squealing  in delight in this adorably cute high pitch tone pretty constantly
  • Sitting up and playing in bumbo for extended periods of time
  • Playing in exesaucer, reaching for toys, turning occassionally, etc...
  • Sitting on her own for five seconds or so at a time
  • Rolling from tummy to back (when she feels like it)
  • Constantly playing with her feet
  • Holding her bottle some
  • Sucking her thumb
  • Laughing/ cackling--- makes us melt
  • She also talks non-stop, literally whithout even many little breaks for sometimes up to about 45 minutes.  I guess baby girl just has a lot to say!
  • Trying to blow raspberries, pretty darn cute!  She puts her top lip over her bottom lip and tries to blow air that results in lots of spit bubbles. 
  • She is also quite the drooler.
  • Loves going on walks outside-- which can always make her calm
  • Loves bath time!!!!!!!!!
  • Sleeps from about 6:30 -7:30pm to 7:00am with either one or two feedings in the middle of night
  • Normally takes two- two hour naps a day, except on Jason's days off.  They are always shorter then because she wants to hang out with daddy. 
You are just getting so big and growing so fast baby girl!  We love you more than words could ever express!! You light up our lives!

Here are some recent pics of Miss Ava the last two weeks!  Also, I don't have the video icon near my image icon on my tool bar at the top.  So, I do not have a way of uploading videos which I would like to do.  Any ideas from any blogging peeps as to why my video icon doesn't exist? Help a girl out!

One of the ics capturing Josiah's precious and sweet demeanor towards his fousin Ava

And the following pictures were taken today on Miss Ava's 5 month birthday!
(I realize there is no need for three poses from the same outfit that occurred in like one minute, but I am a new obsessed mom who thinks everyone must see all her different looks!)

Check out those feet

Can't get enough of these cheeks! 

That's all for now folks!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation Pictures and Family in A-town....

Well I finally have vacation pictures to post, yipee!!
They are so fun!  It is going to be hard to select which ones to post, but I will try to keep it sort of limited. 

Also, this past week we have had family in town visiting. It has been so much fun:).  Last Thursday YaYa hit town to just hang for several days and see Ava.  We had  a great, relaxed time not having any obligations or events taking place.  Then Sunday, Jamie, Jay, and Josiah hit the scene:)!  They were here for M-Pulse and Jamie and Josiah spent the days with us everyday.  Jay came over in the mornings and evenings when he could!  Mom took off to head home on Tuesday morning so she could go get ready to FINALLY close on their new house!  They are so excited to be moving, I can't wait to see the new place.  The Blackburn clan took off on Friday morning.  Then Saturday morning GJ hit town to be here for the weekend and celebrate Jason's 1st Father's Day with us! 

We had such a good time and were blessed by having so much family in town and in our home!

The activities of the week included...
  • Lots of Fousin time-- Josiah loves Ava and always is looking out for her.  He randomly would go over and give her love by hugging her or resting his head on hers, precious! 
  • Fun lunches
  • Girls game night with Mom, Jamie, and I at the dorm once kids were down to sleep
  • Family dinners
  • Celebrating Father's Day
  • Play date with Harper, Josiah, and Ava at the pool
  • YaYa loving on her grandchildren
  • GJ loving on Ava
  • Walks
  • and more!
Ava sure is missing having all the family around and all the attention:)!

Vactation Pictures (others from this past week in another post!)

We Kayaked the canal

We fished off the dock and out in the boat

We surfed
Jamie ended up having the best picture that got snapped so there she is:)

Josiah did....
Jo man absolutely loved the ocean!! They couldn't keep him out of it!  For more pics and fun of Josiah I will let you go to Jamie's blog, I am sure she will post soon.

We also played Wii but unfortunately I didn't take any pics only videos.  However, it was quiet hilarious and memories were made that will never be forgotten-- Yeah YaYa and Pappa Bear;)

Most importantly we just had a lot of great family time.....

Ava's first pool experience, she enjoyed it.

She loved the hammock!

and YaYa and Pappa!

Great Family Pic!

Thanks for looking at the small recap of Galveston Vacation 2010!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ava's 4 Month Check Up

So...  today was Ava's four month check up.  Everything is looking great.

weight - 14 lbs 10 oz
height -  24.5 inches long

She got her shots and as the first one began her eyes opened up wide and scared as she looked at me and then the hysteria began!  She did the hold breath for like 20 seconds, while face is beat red scream and then the hurt feelings cry.  One time would have been enough but oh no with all three shots she reacted the same way!  It was so sad and she was looking at me like why aren't you helping me or why are you letting them do this to me! 

Anyhow, on Saturday we were at the doctor because Ava had a cold and that day she weighed 14 lbs 3 oz.  So in 72 hours baby girl gained 7 oz!  It is safe to say that we are well on our way to a beautiful, squishy, super chunk ball!

Ava also started weaning herself already, so young!  She obviously is fine with it, it being her choice and all.  I am a little sad about it, but it wasn't easy for us.  It was a forty minute battle everytime to try to get her to nurse!  She also seems like a much happier baby now that she is getting formula often. I am beginning to think she was never getting enough in the first place.  Ideally I wish it would have been easier and she hadn't started refusing to nurse because there is something so sweet about nursing and having that time, but life will go on! 

The problem with formula is the expense.  Due to her dairy and soy sensitivities the formula that we are having to put her on right now is $26 dollars per can which makes 19 bottles.  Today I gave her her first soy formula bottle to see if she can tolerate it now.  That would make the cost of the formula half the price.  So please join Jason and I in praying that God will allow her body to accept the soy formula!! 

That is all for now, I hope everyone has a great week!