Friday, September 30, 2011


These pics are random from the last two months.  Just wanted to post a few!

Ava found my knee pads one morning early and wanted to wear them:)

Before church one Sunday

Static much?  This pic is hilarious!  It was a cool, overcast day and every time she slid down the slide her hair looked like this.

Before the zoo on Labor Day

Night time reading for kids while listening to Papa play

Snack time in YaYa's lap

GJ came to visit

Harper and Ava are best friends

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long Overdue......

Sophie Tate Blackburn, my niece was born on August 22!

She is an absolute angel, as you will quickly see for yourself;)!

I am in love, I miss her, she gets more beautiful everyday.

I am going to post pics to tell the story. 

Quick note first, I got to be there!! I made it from Abilene to see Jamie for like 15 minutes before we all were kicked out and Sophie arrived shortly after!  Great day and such a blessing! 

Sweet Pic of Mommy and Daddy with Sophie right after delivery!

Papa and YaYa with 3rd gran and look how beautiful Jamie looks!

Beautiful Sophie girl!  One of Jamie's good friends got to transition Sophie and made her this bow hat- too cute!

Josiah coming to meet his sister and saying hello to his Mommy:)

Beautiful family- look at Jo's grin!  He was very curious about Sophie.  He wanted to see both hands and make sure she had feet!  He was precious and loved being there with everyone! 

Her first nail trim.  Love this pic- so peaceful! 

Such a good big brother with the prompting of Freckles (Jay's mom), Josiah made Sophie a coming home picture!

Getting in my last cuddles before I had to head back to Abilene!!!

First sweet mommy and daughter moment at home:)

This pic is from my visit when Sophie was two weeks!  Melts my heart!  Angelic!

We love you Sophie Tate!  We miss you! 

For more recent pictures look at Jamie's facebook!!

At two or so weeks I stayed and helped out there while my parents kept Ava.  We then brought Josiah back with us to my parents for the weekend!  It was a great visit!  I will post more on that another time hopefully! 

I also have lots of new pics of Ava and updating on our family to do!  Don't hold your breath- haha, but I will try soon!