Saturday, August 22, 2009

Belly Pic Wasn't On the Averages & More....

So the other day after I had posted my new belly pic, both my mom and my sister were startled (not in a bad way) that my belly could have grown that much in a week! LOL:).

I definitely was not pushing out or exaggerating on purpose but since that day have watched my belly closely.

Conclusion: on the average it is not that big yet. It is always bigger at night when I took that picture but not all day. It also does not show in regular clothes quite that much yet! So, there you have it!

Also, we just finished our last practice of two a days!!!! Woo Hoo! The girls worked really hard these last couple of weeks and we look good; although, it is not good enough yet. I am so thankful to God though for the neat group of young women that we are blessed to coach and nurture to become the best player and person they can in this delicate time of life:) The group we have is a joy and I love the opportunity to be a part of their lives!

I held up pretty well during two a days as far as energy and the way I felt. I felt great the entire time and was not that tired during the day ever. However, every night during this second week I came home and basically crashed. Jason and I would talk for a few minutes but pretty much if there was a lull in conversation I was out, normally by 8:20 or so:) Crazy! Jason would let me sleep peacefully on the coach for 1-2 hours before he would wake me up and help me make my way to bed!

He has taken incredible care of me during this season craziness and done so with such JOY! He is beginning to think that just about anything I do is adorable and funny, more so than usual, so we laugh quite a bit! He is phenomenal and I am blessed:)

While he has been taking care of me, we have not had much quality time together, since I have been asleep when I have been home, so tonight we are finally going to get to enjoy one another and spend several hours together! YIPEE!!!

Finally, the excitement of our little one increases with each day as my belly grows and we are further into this pregnancy. We can't wait to find out what sex this sweet little gift growing inside my belly is going to be. It is only 17 days away and we should know:)!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Overdue Update!!

I pray life for everyone has been treating them well.

Life here has been going well. There have been alot of big transitions and exciting events taking place:)!!

1. I graduated from my Master's last Friday, which I had already mentioned. However, my parents, Jason's mom, and my sister and her family came in to town last weekend to celebrate!! They threw a graduation party for me that was so precious! Many of our closest friends and family came and we had a blast! It was a great excuse to get everyone together. We grilled out at a park, played horse shoes and washers, socialized, and ate lots of yummy food. My mom and sister had put in so much effort to decorate cute but were disappointed due to high winds. I for one though still thought it was perfect and ADORABLE!!! I don't have many pictures to post because the ones we got were mainly on my mom's camera before it acted up. I will post what I have though.


CUTE PARTY DECORATIONS! (only pics I have:()
The napkins and flowers! Fun & Bright!!

It was a good and needed weekend for my family in many ways and I am so thankful they were all here! We had good quality time. Josiah is getting so much older and mobile too! We had to completely remove everything around the house in reaching distance for the little maniac. One day while I was watching him we were playing peek-a-boo behind my furniture. He was crawling after me so fast that we were doing cirlces around the rocking chair in my living room:) Every time he would stop and I would pop out, he cackled so hard and grown up! It was THE MOST PRECIOUS THING OF ALL TIME! I will forever cherish that memory:).


On another note, most people who read my blog will already know this, but my sister found out the most heart breaking news this last week. They have lost the baby. There is no need in me trying to explain how they are doing, you can read for yourself of their strength and FAITH in this trying time by clicking here (

2. My season has officially started. Last Sunday the girls came back and we have been going hard since! We leave early in the morning for a scrimmage and team retreat. Please pray over our girls bodies as they have two days off the court. Many are injured or have nagging on the verge of more serious injuries. They are a great group and we have a lot of potential, so please join me in praying over their physical and spiritual health.

3. Finally, I wanted to update everybody on the pregnancy!! It has finally happened, the WAIST BAND OF MY PANTS IS GETTING TIGHTER AND UNCOMFORTABLE!! I am so in that awkward stage of people not being able to decipher whether I am just getting pudgy or if I am pregnant! Boo!!:)

I think I might have felt bambino Campbell move the other day, it was crazy and sent adrenaline running through my veins!! I had just gotten out of practice and sat still for a few moments and the gas bubble feeling/quickening feeling happened on and off for about three minutes! I really have no way of knowing if that was really the baby moving, but it sure was an EXCITING thought that it could happen any day if that was not already the baby:) It hasn't happened since but I look forward to the day it happens and I know without a doubt it is our precious little baby making it's presence known!!:) God is so GOOD, I love the way he created us and the process of carrying the gifts He provides!

I am going to post some pictures below of my belly. The first is of my belly at like 6-7 weeks and the second is at 16 weeks. There is a difference. It is slowly growing, so weird. Anyways, I will continue to post prego pics throughout pregnancy but I am not sure that once it is easy to see the belly that they will be bare belly pics anymore;)!!


16 WEEK BELLY PIC (lighting not very good, but the best we could get:))

Well I have to head out to finish getting packed and shower! Love you all.

God Bless!