Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cliff Note Version of our life......

I clearly have not been good about updating my blog recently or for awhile now!  I am not sure that bothers me all that much based on what is filling my time instead of blogging; however, I do have news and many thoughts to share.  Maybe soon I will become a more frequent blogger then again, maybe not! 

Anyhow,  life is BUSY- but whose isn't? 

Our sweet Little Lucy is finally settling into life outside the womb and doing much better!  Her reflex is calming down  and she is a much happier baby now that she is on formula.  Emotional to stop nursing?  Of course!  Best for all of us, yes! 

We are UNDER CONTRACT on our first home!  Yippee!!  Incredible story, God practically placed it in our laps!  His timing and provision are perfect!  My parents have SO GRACIOUSLY allowed us to live with them the last 6 months.  We have been BLESSED by them in countless ways!  However, we are so excited for our own home as I am sure my parents are- ha!!  Closing is set for the 18th, THANK YOU to all of you who have been covering our house search in prayer. 

Ava is doing great!  She has SO much personality!  We love her.  She carries on complete conversations with us all the time and never ceases to surprise us with what she comes up with!  The other day she asked me for her other options when I asked her to obey and pick up her toys!  Really- you are only 27 months!!  Anyhow, she loves Lucy and has done amazingly well with adjustment.  She is very spirited and strong willed and we continually are asking God to guide us in how to train her in His ways! 

I am in a bible class at my church called Apples of Gold.  It is geared for women who are homemakers to teach us how to love our husbands and children as scripture teaches and how to conduct ourselves as women who Glorify God!  It is awesome!!  God has taught me so much!  I have a long list of topics I need to spend time meditating and praying on in the years to come!  I have been immensely blessed by the women who are leading this class! 

God is teaching me so much....I could go on and on!!  The  main thing that has been on my mind is that this world is not our home.  We are called to be set apart.  I am finding myself desperately searching for what it looks like to be set apart, to train my own mind, and to set up a fun, God loving environment for my children.  My cousin wrote a great blog recently discussing some of this!  Anyhow.....

Last thought- we are loving the relationships we are forming here and we are really missing our friends from A-town!! 

Have a FAB weekend!