Monday, June 23, 2008


It has been a long time my blog readers. After my vacation home I last blogged about I was drowning in school work I had to get done before Jason and I headed to Mexico! We went on vacation to a resort in Mexico, south of Playa. We had such a wonderful and RELAXING TIME!! I have pictures to add and show everyone. We did not do much but lay around, sleep, eat, relax, and play a little beach volleyball. The beach was beautiful!!!! The water was aqua blue. So pretty. The first day we scoped out the perfect place for ourselves. It was right under a big palm tree so Jason could be in the shade, and I could soak in the sun. There was also a hammock connected to our tree that we laid in some. We just relaxed, slept on and off, laid out, ate, and got in the water! The second day we went to the beach in the morning, pool in the afternoon, and played a little volleyball. The third day went and got deep tissue massages in the morning--- RIDICULOUSLY GREAT! However, we were both concerned about that over our sunburns we had by that time. It did not hurt though. Right after that we went and ate breakfast and then headed to the sand volleyball court. We played with a skilled and good group for about an hour and a half-- jason and I both in t-shirts and shorts to protects our burned bodies--Ahh! We ended that day at the salt water pool which had an amazing view. One of my favorite afternoons of the trip.

We had a great time, just being away together, hanging out, talking, etc.. However, despite my amazing efforts to not get sunburned, it happened. I applied 50 block like every hour and a half and burned I still was. AHH to fair skin.

Oh well. Anyways, we then went to the Sug where we celebrated a late Father's Day with the family by going to Joe's BBQ in Alvin. We did some damage on all you can eat ribs. They were delicious, but seeing the carnage is quite disturbing!!! The next morning the boys went to play golf and us ladies went and shopped for maternity clothes for Jamsky! She only got a few items but they were adorable and flattering on her prego-self. That evening we went to Jamie and Jay's and Kayla, Lance, and Betho came over. We had a blast eating dinner, playing cards, and hanging out. The night could have only been better if the Codster had been in town:) We miss you buddy.

Sunday morning Jason and I left Sug and started to drive back to Abilene. We stopped in Temple where his sweet family had amazing tasting BBQ and food for us. It was a delicious meal and we had a good time. His cousins, Eric and Launa, and their girls were there. We had not seen the girls in a while and they seem so big. Anyways, it was once again a blessed week, this time Jason and I together, which makes everything so much more complete.

Now, this week I am in class everyday from 8:00-5:00 for a grad school residency session. It went well today. It was nice to finally put names with faces of the people we have been working with so often and closely online. We are going to be doing a lot of role playing to begin truly practicing all we have been studying. It is going to be a great learning experience. We also are getting alot of questions answered from the faculty and staff that we are now getting to see for the first time!!:) Woo-hoo!!

I will update with all the pics soon!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wonderful Last 10 Days Cont'd....

So here it goes, it might be long!
I got to Houston on Friday night and spent Friday through Thursday afternoon at mom and dad's house. Friday evening we went to Pappasitos and it was delicious. Saturday morning we had a baby shower for my cousin's wife, Shelley, and it was too cute! She was so excited to be getting so much paraphernalia to dress her little girl. She also was wearing a pink boa for the shower and was loving it!! What a priss. Right before the shower my sister met my mom and I at the house to ride together, it was the first time I had seen her belly in person since she was barely showing-- it was AWESOME!!! She is the cutest prego. Her belly has grown quite a bit. I will talk more about that later:) At the shower I got to catch up with a sweet childhood friend, Martha. After the shower my parents and I went to the movie, went home and cooked dinner, and just hung out.

Quick explanation: I live in Abilene, six hours from home, and I work on half the weekends in a year. So.. since I have been married I have not gone home when there was not an actual event. Being home when there is an event is wonderful but does not allow alot of just relaxing, do whatever family time. We were all really ready for that.

Now that you are caught up, Sunday we went to church, a dear place, where I saw many people that I love and are near to my heart. Then we went to lunch with Mark and Sherry, very close family friends, which we laugh and cry with alot. That day though was mainly laughter:) Directly after that I got to help my rents go look at open houses and it was so FUN. We did not find anything that they are sold on, but I got to see some houses they like or love, the area, etc.. I enjoyed being a part of that. I am very thankful my parents did not move while I was still in HS, I would have had the hardest time leaving their current house. We lived in that house my entire life, 24 years now! It is so cozy but mainly because it has Mom's touch, so I know the next house will feel just as much like home. It is the people that cause a place to be home, and my mom has a warm and unique touch.

Throughout the week, Dad had to work of course:( That was no fun. Due to that sad dose of reality, every morning I was at their house we all got up early enough to sit downstairs and enjoy coffee together. My Dad is a servant through and through and loves serving other people, especially if it is one of his three girls. So mom and I would just sit there together all cozied up, while Dad would make and bring us our coffee every morning. Then in the evenings Dad would rejoin us. We would either cook or go out to eat and then watch movies or talk. One evening we went to a mexican restaurant where we sat outside. We stayed there for about 2-2.5 hours enjoying good conversation and beautiful weather.

During the days of the week my mom and I just hung out. We did whatever we felt like. We had a blast. It was such good mother-daughter bonding. On Monday and Thursday mornings we went to walk at the mall and then to mom's Pilate's class. That is always fun. There are several women from church in that class and they are impressive. I have never known a group of any age that can talk as much as they do while still getting in a great workout!:) We have fun in there and then we always go to lunch afterwards. You guessed it, we did not have enough talk time during class, so we go catch up for about a two hour lunch afterwards. In all seriousness though, it is always such wonderful time, with such neat ladies (and Meg Hill)!!

When mom and I were not working out we were relaxing and talking most of the time. It was so nice to just have time to spend together, to really catch up, and enjoy each other's company. Then, one day we spent some time with make-up! We learned a ton about our color palettes, the underlying tones everywhere on our face, etc.. I learned much more from the lady helping us than my mom I am sure, because I have always been oblivious. I am telling you I was mixing every wrong color you can think of at the same time on my face through my eye shadows, blush, and lip color. None of them really went together...:) I now have a better idea. We both now have tips to better our make-up application though and what is more fun as girls than to fuss over make-up. IT WAS SO FUN MOM-- LOVE YOU!!

Anyways, then Thursday evening I went to spend with my prego sis and brother-in-law. What a blessed time! Thursday night I we cooked hot dogs, talked, and did prenatal yoga (are you kidding me--it kicked my tail at parts). We also watched Josiah ultrasound. Those things are incredible. We could even see the valves of his heart opening and closing, I could not believe it! He has the sweetest profile from what I could tell and is such an active little fellow. It was amazing to be reminded of how intricately God works and knits us together in the womb.

Friday, Jamie and I started off the morning with coffee and prayer time together. It was so nice. We do not get that time very often. Then, we painted Josiah's nursery:) Mom came over that afternoon and hung out with us while we painted. We had a good time. The color of the nursery it delightful, warm, and perfect for a baby room. I just wanted to melt into it! That evening Jamie and I decided we had worked enough that day so we did not want to cook dinner. So, Jay, Jamie, and I went to a Mexican food restaurant.

Saturday, Jay got up early and went surfing for a while. Jamie and I worked out together and then got ready for the day. We went to a new sandwich place, Potbelly, which had a simple menu but good food. Then, BABIES R US-- HERE WE COME!! Jamie took me and showed me all that she had registered Josiah for. How cute and fun. I could just picture our little Jo in his swings, pack n' play, etc.. We registered for a few more items as well. I was excited to have that opportunity to share in the fun, excitement, and joy of preparing for him. Then we just relaxed more, hung out with Jay in the garage while he built some surf racks for his boards, cooked dinner, and then went to get Marble Slab. YUM!! This day was a blast but the best part was that evening after Marble Slab, Jamie and I were on the couch and Josiah finally kicked hard for me several times in a row. Besides that he had only kicked once when I poked at him the whole weekend. It made my day, that I finally felt my little nephew move!

Sunday morning we went to church at my church home growing up and out to lunch with family and friends. It was a great end to a FABULOUS week. Although, I was sad to leave such a much needed week with family, I was entirely ready to get back to my sweet husband. That was the longest we have ever been away from one another, and it was high time I headed home. We had a great night when I got home just talking and catching up.

Just when I thought family time was over, God blessed us with more:) My cousin Kayla and her husband Lance were in Lubbock looking for apartments and they came through Abilene on their way home and stayed Monday and Tuesday (last) night. We had a good ole' time. Monday night we ate at home and stayed up until way too late playing a card game, golf. The last night, Lance, Jason, and a few of Lance's friends hit up Wing Stop, which obviously meant the three of us girls had to do our own thing, at Abuelo's. Kayla and Lance are about to leave town, but we had a great time having part of the fam together. WE STILL HAVE BETHO!

If anyone is still reading this post, you are a loyal reader of my blog. Sorry for the novel, but I wanted everyone to know the GREATNESS OF MY LAST 12 DAYS WITH FAMILY!!

Thank You God for providing this opportunity and blessing for me. It has been wonderful beyond words.

Thanks to all my family who made the last week so fun, and a special thanks to Jason for being supportive of me being gone for so long. I love you babe.

Also, Dad and Jay, sorry no pics of you guys are on here, but they were all just of you by yourself. Oops. If you so wish, I will come back and add them.

Shout out to MB, my longest and dear friend, and Jackson (her son) for our lunch date and GINORMOUS piece of cake. It was great!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Wonderful Last 10 Days!!

I am excited to share with everyone what I did during my week home. I have a few pics and lots of fun details to share. I will post tomorrow sometime probably. For those of you who know my sis, check out her blog, she updated belly pics and she has grown!

I gotta run because my cousin Kayla and her husband Lance are staying with Jason, Betho, and I tonight! They will be here any minute.

Thank You Lord for time with family. It is so precious and dear.