Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ava is 1- Happy Late Birthday Post!!


I can not believe that you are one years old baby girl!  It seems like just a little while ago that daddy and I were driving home form the hospital with you, our little bundle of joy!  Time has flown by so fast and you change and grow so much every single day!  You have brought endless smiles and laughter to our home!  You are just so stinkin' cute!  You have way too much personality for your own good and I know we have not even scraped the tip of the iceberg in that department! 

You are lovable, so sweet, determined, funny, a flirt, curious, studious, and sassy! 

You are  walking all over the place!
You LOVE to laugh and giggle! 
You like to play, "I'm going to get you" by running away from mom and dad.  You run a little ahead and then stop and shrug your shoulders up and wait for us to tickle you and kiss your neck! 
You give high fives.
You give kisses!
You give hugs when we say "can we have some love?".
You are now blowing kisses! 
You flash a big grin when I say cheese or give us a smile! 
You look forward to bath time every night.
Your hair is growing and really starting to look as if it is going to curl!
You are a good eater!
You LOVE your sleep! You always let us know you are ready for nap or night-night by walking over to us- lifting hands up to be picked up- and waving bye-bye with bunny in your hand! 
You love your daddy- yall have so much fun playing together!
You still do not crawl but get up from a laying or sitting position via the bear crawl! 
You are beginning to repeat more words even if just once. 
So far you have said or do say, Yaya-Papa-Mama-Dada-Jo suh( for Josiah)- Aba (Ava)- Dut (duck)- hot- Pup or Puppy- Ba Ba(bottle)- Bye Bye- Hey!  That is all I can think of for now!
You LOVE to read!  You like any books and I find you reading them all the time!  However, flap books provide that extra measure of fun!
You are very social and like people! 
You still have a seriously high pitched squeal/scream when you get upset! 

YOU ARE SO MUCH FUN!  We love you and can't wait to see what adventures each day holds!  Happy 1 Year Birthday baby girl!

We had a GREAT 1st Birthday Party with the family in Houston this past weekend!  Thank you everyone who came and made Ava's day super special!  I will post about the party with pictures once I get some.  They are all on Mom and Jamie's cameras!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I think I am a big girl now....

Yesterday we took our first trip to the indoor mall playground!!  Since Ava has not been mobile on her until now we have not had the opportunity to do that.  Now that she is walking we decided to give it a go!  OH BOY - did we have fun or what?  

Ava has absolutely no fear and was just walking right up in the middle of all the older kids and it was crowded!  She just kept walking around to all the different areas, parents, other people's strollers, other kids, etc..  She has no concept of being leary of strangers yet- lol!  She had a blast. 

We also experienced the bully type kiddos!  One little boy took his palm on her forehead and just shoved her head backwards which of course knocked her over.  Then another little boy wanted where she was and just completely body bumped her right out of his way.  It was hilarious because both times I am dying inside at these kids treating my baby that way- how dare they- right? LOL.  Ava on the other hand doesn't cry, get upset, or even look for my help to defend her.  She just looks at both of those boys with this face that could have only meant one of two things-
1. And exactly who do you think you are?  (this response cracks me up- I love it; hoping she will be resilient and hold her own)
2. She was studying the situation trying to understand what just happened, because all she was doing was trying to play and these people aren't playing very nice!  (this breaks me heart:( tear) 

Anyhow, all in all a GREAT experience for Miss Aves, especially considering the bullying didn't seem to bother  her a bit!  SHE FELT SO BIG AND JUST LAUGHED THE ENTIRE TIME!!

Playground pics!

A few more random pics from lately.......

One last thing....

I came home this morning from workout to this- WONDERFUL!

I am off for a weekend with friends and playing volleyball in Dallas!  Can't wait! 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

On the go....

So, since Ava's first steps she has steadily starting walking longer distances more often with encouragement and then the little distances on her own accord.  However, today Ava's walking mobility progressed dramatically.  We were at a friends house and all the sudden she was just taking off almost anywhere and everywhere!  She was so loving exploring a new place and "chasing" (as fast as she can) after Millie, a very sweet and kid friendly yellow lab! 

When we got home she kept at it, going in circles over the house, walking longer distances here and there, and talking up a storm.  We were then on the phone with YaYa and when I hung up and said bye-bye YaYa, Ava turned and looked at me and clear as day said YaYa! She has been saying it for awhile now but never as clear or contextual as that!  Then we called my mom back and she started saying bye-bye Ava and Ava said bye-bye several times. She also continued to say bye-bye all through her bath time tonight! 

She is too darn cute and growing so fast!  We love you Ava girl!