Monday, December 27, 2010

Ava's 1st Steps..

So Ava has been taking a few steps at  at a time recently as I have said, but the day after Christmas she took her most ever!!!  She took between 3-8ish steps several times:). Of course as it goes I don't have the best ones on film!  Oh well, here is our shirtless wonder taking her first steps!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  I will post Christmas with GJ sometime over the next week!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas with YaYa and Pappa Bear!

This past weekend was so FUN and special:)!  Mom and Dad came into town very late Thursday night or you could just say wee hours of Friday morning to spend the weekend! 

Friday we spent the day just hanging out at the house in our PJ's and enjoying time with Miss Aves.  She LOVED having YaYa and Pappa here!  She couldn't get enough of their attention- precious.  Then Friday  night we had one of my former players come over and watch Ava after she had gone to bed so we could go out as adults- babe free!  It was the first time since Ava has been born that we have done that where all four of us were together.  It was FANTABULOUS!  Even better- we were celebrating mine and Dad's birthdays.  Mine was Thursday and his Friday, so we went to Belle's Chicken Dinner House.  Not a heart healthy meal- but delicious fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, gravy, and rolls!  Oh yeah- Go Big or Go Home- haha!!  Anyhow we had a fun dinner out! 

Saturday- we all hung out together for parts of the day (Jason was working) and Mom and I left Pappa Bear in charge of Ava Reese for several hours while we ran errands, did a little shopping, and went to the grocery store!  Pappa wears Ava out- they always play so hard! 

Finally it was Sunday and time for our Christmas celebration!!  It was Ava's first Christmas celebration and she was precious through it all!  She only opened gifts from YaYa and Pappa since we will be doing Christmas from us and GJ on Christmas Day at her house!  Ava tore her wrapping paper and smiled big every time she realized that there was actually a toy beyond the fun crinklyy paper!  She got a baby doll, books, a shape sorter, a puzzle,a special scripture ornament for the tree, and a riding-walking-scooter zebra toy!  That morning she played with all of them quite a bit and has ever since!  However, I will have to say that the Zebra walking toy was the hit and she was ALL over the place with her new assistance to mobility!  Thanks YaYa and Pappa for my Christmas gifts, coming all the way to see me in Abilene, and loving on me all weekend!  It was GREAT!

I will have to say the first 24-36 hours after they had left she was a tid bit fussy wondering where all the attention and her playmates had gone:(! 

Look at that little smirk as she eyes her presents

Giving baby kisses

Tearing Paper!

Before our outing Friday night

Great Grandma came for a short visit!  So full of life at 92! (picked all 25 lbs of Ava up from floor while sitting on couch!)

In addition to Christmas- tomorrow is Ava's 11 month Birthday!

Since my last update on Ava's tricks if you will, she is now....

Cruising super fast and all over the house at a whole new level! 
She has started standing all by herself for up to a minute or so at a time throughout the day.
She has begun semi-leaping and taking super fast steps between objects when she is not holding on to anything for balance.
Finally rolling around often! 
Pulling herself up on anything. 
Still refusing to crawl. Instead she lunges forward enough to get her feet planted on the ground and pushes up into a bear crawl.  From there she pushes back and then sits down- she is so silly!
She is "sharing" everything with those around from toys to paci to bottle to bunny, etc...
She has begun teasing us as if she is going to share.  The minute we reach for the object she smiles, turns her head, and pulls the object away from us.
These days when I ask for a kiss I normally no longer get an open mouth but a shy smile preceding a batting of the eyelashes and her sticking her cheek out for me to kiss!  - Seriously?  ADORABLE!
Cruising her way to her high chair and reaching up when she is hungry.
Saying- Mama, DaDa, BaBa(bottle), YaYa, PaPa, hot.
Attempting to say - Duh-Duh (duck), cold, and boom.
Signing more or all done at the end of meals to let us know which it is! 

I am sure there is more but that is good for now!  You brighten our lives Ava Reese!  We love you so much- you are just PERFECT! Happy Birthday-  can't believe you are almost one!

This would be early morning random bundle for warmth on patio

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ava Loves Christmas Music....

So the past week or so anytime we have played Christmas music at home or been out shopping, Ava immediately starts to dance!  And for the last couple of days she literally has spent a substantial amount of time at our stereo player at home.  She plays with it, turns it on and off, dances when it comes on, sits next to it and plays with empty CD cases, etc...  If she gets fussy at all, I can turn on Christmas music and she is soothed!  It is SO FUN!! 

Needless to say we have been jammin' out to Christmas music!  This time next year will really be EXCITING!  She will be almost two and I am sure have alot to say and some serious moves to entertain us with:)!!

On another note, YaYa and Pappa are coming to spend the weekend with us this weekend and do Christmas!  WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BLAST!  We even got a sitter for Friday night so the adults could go out and have a good time:)! 

Have a great day!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happenings at the Campbell's


We went to Sugar Land for Thanksgiving!  It was so great to see everyone.  I feel I don't get to see my family enough already, especially my cousins and their spouses and kiddos!  We had a great time:)  The men visited and watched football.  The kids all played games and watched a movie in Mom's bed.  And the women sat around and talked until we decided on a game of spoons to end the days festivities! 

Ava and I stayed extra and had great relaxing time with Mom and Dad as well as knocked out some Christmas shopping!


She is just growing up so fast! She will be one year old is 6 weeks! CRAZY!!
She is a cruisin' fool! She makes her way all around our house, cruising from surface to surface! She loves it:).
She has started dancing to any upbeat music by bouncing up and down or shaking side to side.
She "sings along" to a Jesus Loves Me bunny that my parents have!
She will kiss or give love to anything- including Jason's house shoe and wait for one of us to recognize her and say "Aww- so sweet!" And she does it over and over and over again!
She weighs 23 lbs 10 oz and is 29.5 inches long!
Ava, your personality continues to reveal itself and we love everything about you! Even your frustration and passionate screams:).


Jason is doing well. He is an excellent Daddy and servant to Ava and I both. He is playing his last night of softball for awhile right now. His job is still going well but he is ready for a change.


I am doing okay. I have been struggling a little bit lately. I kinda had stopped any of my good habits like eating well, working out, etc... In addition I am just lonely here sometimes. However, I have started eating healthy again and have gotten back in my workout routine this week. Several of my friends schedules here should be calming down soon- so that should help as well.

I am loving all the precious time and moments I am blessed to have with Ava. She just makes my heart swell with joy and happiness!

Christmas Time

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! I love the lights, the music, the hustle and bustle of excitement, the cold air, the fires that make homes so cozy, the kindness that tends to pour out of people, and the family time it brings! Most importantly, I know that the reason that all of it takes place is because we are celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Last Thought

Jason and I just recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary! We had a great night going to dinner, hanging out and talking, roaming the mall babeless, and then going to a movie! It has been an incredible four years! This last year with the addition of Ava has been INCREDIBLE! We love having our own little family. We are learning and growing together as parents and it is challenging yet rewarding and FUN! We are stronger than ever before and we both shared the same sentiment in our cards that night about the blessing it has been to watch one another be a parent to our sweet baby girl! Thank You God for the last four years! We can not wait to see what all you have in store for the ones to come!

Anniversary Date!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reflux & Teething Equals No Sleep....


I am having one of those mornings where I am frustrated at myself as a mom!  Sometimes I don't think through things enough or I just assume it won't be that bad.  This time though Ava is suffering for it! 

I had finally thought that we could reduce her Prevacid to once a day and began to try it.  However, during the process we ran out of her prescription and I began giving her OTC instead to see if it would work.  Needless to say none of the above turned out to be wise decisions.  Ava has not been napping well or sleeping well at night!  We have been up for atleast 2 solid hours majority of the nights for a week now!  And my sweet angel who normally  loves to sleep and takes two naps a day normally at least 1.5 hours is barely taking 45 minute naps with an occasional longer one!

On top of her reflux really bothering her- she is cutting six teeth and they are really starting to come through!  I really couldn't tell you though how much that is actually bothering her or if it has just been the change in her medicine this whole time! 

I could just kick myself for this but to CVS Pharmacy we go in a few minutes to get her back on her prescription Prevacid! 

This Lesson LEARNED! 


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween and Pumpkin Patch!

We had a great Halloween! Ava and I went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday with friends to take pictures- Ava LOVED the pumpkin patch! She enjoyed beating on the pumpkins like drums and looking at the scarecrows that were all around, but most of all she enjoyed tyring to eat all the hay/grass/dirt combo that she sat on:)!! She is too funny!!

Sunday we dressed Ava up in her AWESOME Halloween pumpkin(aka-fall beauty) costume that many of you will recognize. Shelley Gowens made it for Kate a few years back! Thanks Shel for letting us borrow it- Ava looked like a Fall Princess if I do say so myself! Ava did pretty well being dressed up in all that fuss:) We made it long enough to take pictures at home, get to a fall festival at a church in town, and visit with friends for about 45 minutes before we changed her out of it! Her playmate most often in Abilene was dressed up in a handmade rose bush costume- they were very interested in one another's costumes! Overall FUN -I love playing dress up:)!!

Also, my nephew Josiah was Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales and he looked adorable in the pics I saw! Hopefully next year Ava and Josiah will be doing Halloween together!

Eating the hay- lol!

I am just kicking myself for not having her in her costume at the pumpkin patch!  Would have been great!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ava 9 Months & More!


Ava is 9 months old!  I can not believe it!  Time is flying by!  I love each new stage and they all get better, yet it is so sad to see the true baby stages fading out!  

We are praising the Lord for a healthy angel girl!  Everything looked good at her check up.  She is cutting two if not four teeth currently.  I have a feeling we are going to go from her two teeth she currently has to a mouth full in a short period of time! 

Height- 28.5 inches= 75%
Weight- 22 lbs 10 oz = 95%

Baby girl you currently are....

Saying "MaMa" constantly and "Dada" occasionally
Have said "YaYa" and "PaPa"
Giving High Fives
Giving Kisses and cuddles
Waving Bye-Bye occasionally
Holding your own bottle and sippy cup
Using your pincer grasp to feed yourself everything- including any piece of fuzz you see laying around-lol:)
You love lunch meat turkey, tomatoes, peas, beans, any fruit chunks, and oatmeal:)  You also will take breaks while eating your meals and pick up your sippy, get a drink, and then put it back down to resume your chow-down sessions!  ADORABLE! 
Pulling up to hard surfaces or holding on to our hands! 
Walking with assistance
Beginning to cruise just a little bit- a few steps here and there
Still not crawling, but becoming more mobile and using people as jungle gyms! 
Reaching for anyone or anything you want with force and determination!
Reach for one of my hands and then the other- so that you can stand up- which is your favorite activity.
Laughing at your videos, for attention, etc. 
Babbling non-stop
Kissing baby dolls
Getting more hair finallly!
Love watching older kids
Taking baths in the big bath tub
Screaming short (and long sometimes) "Frustration screams" because you want to be mobile but haven't figure it out yet.

You are determined, demonstrative, and passionate!  We love you and you are delightful! 

Sweet Kisses with playmate Harper!

Love those eyes!

Josiah's Birthday- He is so LITTLE BOY GROWN UP LIKE!

 Other Happenings

We just went on a long trip where we started in the Woodlands visiting Jamie, Jay, and Jo-man!  We got to celebrate Josiah turning 2 years old! He is the most joyful little guy ever!  His party was basketball theme and he shot baskets for hours on end!  Literally he couldn't stop- so precious!  Ava loved watching him.  She literally is always happy when she has Jo-man around!  They are going to have so much fun together soon!  They also played with Josiah's new train tracks together:) 

Jamie and I stayed up one night after the kiddos went down and watched a dance movie!  It was AWESOME!  We would have watched another but it wasn't out for rent yet- boo!  I miss having more sister time without kiddos!  Kiddos are wonderful but they are still at the age where they need us and we get so distracted:). 

Then we headed to Sugar Land where we had a very low key week- not even leaving the house much.  I got a really bad sinus infection.  So Mom pampered me and took care of Ava while I worked on getting well!  It was special time to be there but not be so busy with plans 24-7:)!  We did do a little shopping for Ava though and she has some really cute clothes now!  Mom bought her a few things and the most adorable winter coat ever!  Thanks Mom!

Then Ava and I headed to Gatesville to meet up with Jason at GJ's!  Jason's 10 year HS reunion was this past weekend so we went to that!  We really had a good time!  I enjoyed getting to meet some of his friends and classmates and hear stories, etc...  Jason was a very highly respected athlete at Temple High and I heard about it alot- I was PROUD! 

We also visited with Jason's grandma, Ava's great grandma for a little bit and got to see Launa and Alex!  Alex and Ava played together and had a FUN TIME:)! 

Now we are just back home in A-town- living life- hanging out with friends- and enjoying our family time!

Two Random Thoughts...

1. If you haven't read Josh Hamilton's book, Beyond Belief, I highly recommend it!  I read it awhile back and then the other night on ESPN they had  Josh Hamilton Homecoming special where they discussed alot of his story once again!  He continues to give credit to the Lord, be real with the fact that he is an addict, etc.  I know alot of people have differing opinions, but I am a FAN and believe He WITHOUT FAIL GIVES GOD THE GLORY! 

2. This whole deal about the article in the Marie Claire magazine discussing the author's disgust with watching overweight people do anything is beyond heartbreaking.  Heartbreaking for her that she feels that way, heartbreaking for overweight people who have to ever hear something like that, and infuriating because it is a portrayal of the emphasis our society puts on looks!  I will leave my soap box with this- we are all children of God and loved by Him regardless of our weight!  We all struggle with something!

at Picnic for Jason's Reunion


Couldn't get pics to place where I wanted them so they are all over! 

Friday, September 24, 2010


So.. I know I have alot of updating to do, but quick story! 

Ava loves to give kisses now!  For awhile she just gave myself and occasionally Jason kisses.  Then as we spent time with family over the last several weeks she gave others kisses!  Her new thing though is when we are reading books and there are faces of babies (real or cartoon) she chooses different ones in which she wants to kiss!  She sits up from a relaxed position, puts her hands on the book and pulls her face towards book (with paci in or out) and rest her mouth on the pictures face!  She normally kisses in groups of 2-5 kisses!  She just loves on the babies over and over!  ADORABLE!! 


Monday, August 30, 2010

A Few More...

So I realize that I just posted yesterday and with a lot of pics.  However, I just went through all my iPhone pics and have a few more to share!  I completely admit my obsession with posting pics of Ava and I am honestly not ashamed:)!  Enjoy!

If you look closely- you can see her two bottom teeth

Have a great week everyone!