Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a cool daddy!

So I am sure I will post another picture post soon, but this is on my mind and needs to be shared:)

Ava has the coolest dad! 

Jason is so involved as a dad!  It is wonderful!  He is literally in Heaven 24/7 when he is with her, can't stop asking how she is doing during the day, and can't wait to get home to both of his girls everyday!  He grows to love and adore her more each day and he is so super patient with her in her really fussy/ inconsolable times (which is wonderful for me).

He is such a servant to both of us.  He changes, bathes, and puts her down for naps or night time literally anytime he is home.  They play and have fun!  She does so good with him! 

As for me, all of the ways he serves Ava are ways he is serving me but here is more.  He cooks me breakfast when we are up in the mornings and he is getting ready for work.  He gets up with Ava in the middle of the night if she is extra upset so I can sleep.  He stays up for the late feeding at night so I can get to bed.  He also gets up early for work in mornings to take care of her so I can either sleep or go workout!  There are more but those are a few examples. 

I know many of these things might seem simple, but he is constantly looking for ways to serve us both and take care of us!  I don't have to ask. 

It is so FUN AND WONDERFUL having him as a hubby and daddy! 

Thank You Lord for blessing us with a man who loves his family so much and serves us both!  Thank You for growing our marriage and relationship through the birth of this precious little girl!  We love you Lord!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


she wiggled one arm out of her swaddler:)

In this pic she is tired of her long day of church and shopping at mall!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ava Girl and Breakthrough:)

It has been awhile since I have updaed with pics, so I am going to put a whole jumbled up group of pics for your enjoyment:)!!  They range from Feb. 26th-yesterday. 

As for Ava, she is almost completely back to her original temperament from when we first got home from hospital through 2-3weeks.  The dairy and soy out of my diet has made all the difference!  Praise God!

She is now...
-smiling alot and has several different smiles
  -one is an open mouth, kinda circle smile where she really smiles with her eyes
  - one she smiles so big with her lips spreading wide that she has that adorable toothless grin
  - the third one is a full face smile- big grin, eyes, cheeks--  it all engages! 
-talking and cooing to her toys and people
-starting to grasp a small bunny toy from YaYa
- "accidentally" batting at toys in activity gym
- rolling to her side quickly and alot on her back-- it won't be long
- lifting her head up and looking around for brief seconds on tummy time!

We are having fun and I feel like I have possibly heard a few almost giggles lately.  We will see.

The breakthrough beyond the dairy is this...all day yesterday for naps and all night last night Miss Ava transitioned to her crib like a champ.  She was getting to big for her bassinet and I just felt it was time to start trying to transition her.  Sure enough, I guess it was because she is sleeping in there well and putting her self to sleep.  She even wakes up a lot while she is in there for naps and just looks around, plays a little, and then soothes herself back to sleep!  Pretty cool! 

At two month check up which was about five days early, Ava, was 10 lbs 15 oz and 22.5 inches long!  Her cheeks and thighs are both really meaty but the rest of her is pretty small. 

Anyhow, that is all for now! I am just going to post pics in chronological order. 

Such a neat pic, i love it.

4 generations-  Ava's Great Grandma on Jason's side

Ava's Great Granda on my side

The rotate didn't take, who knows

Sleeping beauty

loved the full view also

Ava and I at baseball game

talking and smiling at dad

playing with mom

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An answer to Ava's pain....

So, it is for sure that Ava either has a milk protein allergy or a milk sensitivity!  If interested in more information on the two conditions visit this link- milk allergy and sensitivity.  I had gone to the doctor on Monday upon returning from Houston to have her checked to see what was going on.  The doc said she had fluid on her ears so it was probably the ear pain.  He prescribed medicine that we are on and said if she did not get better to call back and we would look further.

She didn't get better so we looked into other possibilities.  I had to see a doctor other than mine when I went back in and she did a stool test on Ava that she said meant she has a milk protein allergy.  However, all the research I have found on internet claims the stool test only detects milk sensitivity or lactose intolerance not protein allergy.  I go back in next week and will get more clear answers from Ava's doc.  Regardless, it doesn't change the foods I will eliminate from my diet.  At this point I have to eliminate any and all foods with dairy, whey, milk protein, casein, or soy. 

At first I was a little overwhelmed; however the internet is a great resource!  There are so many moms who have had to do this or vegan types that there are a ton of products out there that are dairy and soy free. 

I have found chocolate, ice cream, butter, cheese (what?), and tons of recipes from lasagnas to cookies! So all in all I am going to be fine!  I love how instead of seeing this unfortunate circumstance as a tool towards weight management I am ferociously scowering the internet to find all the treats I can have!!  haha!:)  Oh well.

Anyhow, with the dairy out of my diet for almost 72 hours now, I am starting to see bits and peices of Ava's original temprament back.  Continue to pray for her to feel better and the dairy to quickly leave my system! 


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lots of Family Time:) (and news towards end)!!

So, lately Ava and I have gotten to spend a lot of time with family members who needed to meet her, love on her, and bond a little with her! 

On Thursday the 25th my Aunt Vicki, Bethany, Kayla, and my mom all came to Abilene.  We got to spend some great time together without a big event.  It seems we only see eachother for Holidays for weddings, etc... This time however we sat around and had so much time just to talk and share life!  It was wonderful, although, we missed Jamie lots! 

Then on Saturday Ava and I headed back to Houston to spend the week there!  It was wonderful to have Ava at YaYa and Papa Bear's house and have lots of family and friends visiting to love on Ava!!

My days consisted of these exciting events...
- All the family kids at my Aunt Cheryls- how crazy but so much FUN!
- Spending several hours one afternoon with three lifelong friends MB, Ambre, and Martha --- very special and dear time for me
- High School friends Courtney and Kristin coming over
- Going out to lunch with a big group of women from church after their pilates class
- Ron, Penny, and Brenda coming over for dessert and coffee- but really for AVA.
- Spending Jamie's Bday with her family on Saturday at their house which mean I also got to spend some good time with Brittnie, another lifelong and dear friend of mine
- Quality time with my Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!
- An afternoon with Jason's side of the family Sunday so they could meet Ava

That is not an exhaustive list but as you can tell we kept busy!  Ava was a trooper but at the week wore on she began not acting like herself.  I took her to doc yesterday and there was some fluid on her ears.  Are you kidding me?  So young, but we got some prescriptions and so far today she is acting much more like herself.  We will see! 

Anyhow, I don't have many pics to post because I took all the pics in Houston on my mom's camera.  I did that because her camera is so much better than mine and easier to catch the moment.  However, now I don't have them yet in order to make a post. 

I will try to come back one day and post pics of all the fun visitors and family time from this past week.

Well that is enough rambling about that!

Last peice of information/news...

I turned in my letter of resignation at work on Friday the 26th.  I am now going to be a stay at home mamma for the time being.  I am very excited about this! 

However, there has also been alot of emotion, sadness, and heartbreak to let go of a job I have so dearly loved. ACU volleyball has been a HUGE part of my life for the last 9.5 years!  I have loved coaching and ministering to these girls!! It has been such a blessing to have had the honor of being the assistant coach.  I decided to step away because God strongly convicted me beyond a shadow of a doubt that for this season on my life He was commanding me to. Let me tell you, I am so thankful that God is a compassionate God and provides us with a peace that surpasses our own emotions understanding.  There has been affirmation right and left that this is what God desired.  Maybe one day I will post the entire story so you all can see His goodness and His faithfulness when we step out and obey.

For now though, continue to keep the team, Kellen (my boss, dear friend, and head coach), and myself in your prayers as this transition is taking place. We all are handling this the best we can but we all are also dealing with all kinds of emotions. 

On the flip side, YAY for all the time I will get to have with Ava I would have lost!!!  I am so ready to nurture and take care of her and Jason:)  Life is good.  I am blessed!