Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nothing Much....

Hey everyone!

I don't have any pictures to post with anything going on in life right now, so I apologize.

I was able to sleep in this morning and have a day to just stay at home and relax. Let me rephrase, I have quite a bit of school work to do, but I don't have any work or practicum obligations today. Yippee!!!

Besides that, I really don't have much to report. Life is continuing on as usual. Jason works and I work and do school work. We will be at church on Sunday for the first time in 3 weeks together and are excited about that and spending time with our life group.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! It is a sweet and romantic day for us to reflect on how we cherish the ones we love, but I also love reflecting on this day how much God loves us. He romances us and is the lover of our souls! Praise God!

As for Jason and I's Valentine's celebration, it went as follows. We have had a pizza obsession this past year. We love it!! We have two places in town that we love to go eat pizza and we also love making our own at home. All that to say, we went to Joe's last night and ate pizza. Next, we were headed to Coldstone Creamery to treat ourselves to ice cream, but when we drove up it was closed. The story is that they are having an ownership turnover and closed for the weekend. To most people this would not seem like such a predicament, just pick another ice cream place right? WRONG! Abilene, TX does not have one other ice cream establishment, unless you want a blizzard from DQ. We don't have TCBY, Baskin Robbins, Braums, Marble Slab, and so on. So we called some friends to make sure we did not know of another ice cream place, because both of our favorite sweet treat is ice cream; however, no luck there!! Tear.

Anyhow, Jason had planned for us to go the the drive-in and watch a movie there, but somehow through the course of dinner and our fruitless ice cream search we changed our minds and decided to go to the actual theatre in order to see New in Town. It was a cute movie with kind of odd humor, but depending on who you are, you might find it funny. We were entertained, but I am not strongly recommending that you run out and see it at the theatre either!

I guess that is it for now!

Enjoy your weekend!

Also, this is me shouting from the rooftops......

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Jamie said...

Oh...that is sad about the ice cream, tear for you! Thanks for the movie review, I think we are going to see Benjamin Button tonight! Our first date since Josiah was born...woo hoo! Remember a year ago today is when God gave us the amazing Valentine gift of finding out we were pregnant with Josiah! He definitely does romance us! Josiah misses you...I laughed out loud at your "SHOUT" and Jay gave Josiah kisses from you and Uncle JJ. Miss you guys! Happy Valentines Day! Love you!