Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hello all! So I haven't posted in awhile because life is hectic! My brain is constantly fried. I can no longer keep up the same way I used to and it can be bothersome. I have lost but found again my phone at work 5 times over the last several weeks, lol! I am a certified CRAZY WOMAN!

Anyhow, next week is Spring Break. I am taking it off from work; although, I still have school work. I am also getting my wisdom teeth out next Wednesday:( The bright side of that is that my sweet momma is coming to take care of me:) YIPPEE!!! We don't get to spend enough time together, so even though I will probably be down and out for the count a couple of days, not the whole time! I am very looking forward to it seeing mom and having some down time, even if I am experiencing a little wisdom tooth discomfort:)!!

I pray God's richest blessings on all of you!

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Jamie said...

hmmmm.....i hear you on the exhaustion! josiah is killing me with his lack of sleep....last night i was up from 1:30-4am, then back up at 7! but the losing your phone thing....hmmmm, not like you!