Thursday, July 2, 2009

We Heard Our Little Bit!!

Well, yesterday was Jason and I's first doctor's appointment. It was AWESOME! We heard the heartbeat and it was strong and healthy at 171!! Then, we got to see the baby and get pics! They said it appeared that little bit was attempting to or was sucking it's thumb! Crazy! I mean not even two inches long, but all organs and everything are there and continuing to develop!

It also was good to just finally have a chance to talk with my doctor and ask her a few of the questions I had:)

I took a CD in to the office to see if they would be able to put the pics on it for me, but they were not sure if they could. If I can find someone who has a scanner, I will try to scan them in for everyone! If not though, all you mommies and most non-mommies know what those pics look like:)!

They gave me the due date of January 26th!

Thank you for your continued prayers!


rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

YAY!!! exciting!! :) glad you've got a healthy little bambino in there!

Jamie said...

isn't that one of the best sounds ever? it is so reassuring to hear at each visit!