Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ava 6 Months!

Happy 6 Month Birthday Angel Girl!!
(post is one day early)
Your Dad and I adore you so much!  You bring such JOY to our lives!  You are a little bit of Heaven to us!  Here are some of the things you are up to these days....

You love bath time:)
You love to laugh-- laughing spontaneously a lot!
You have a new found expression of pure excitement!- Your eyes get really big and you smile like you just saw the coolest thing ever!
You are still totally into blowing your bubbles, it has just intensified!  Several times this week, I have come back in the room after you have been on a blowing bubble fest and found huge drops/ puddles of saliva all over your forehead!:)  
You are sitting up!  Last week one day you sat up for 10 minutes straight and since then, you are sitting up all the time and finding your center when you start to wobble!  You are loving the new found perspective and independence!
You are still stubborn about rolling over, only tummy to back and still not very often.
You are eating rice cereal once a day, occasionally two and you so far love apples and pears mixed in with it!
You still love taking walks and just being outside!
You enjoyed watching my old team play this past week and would join in with high pitched squeals while they would celebrate!
Sophie, the giraffe, "teething toy", has quickly become a new favorite!
You can take small little sips out of my water bottle if I help you!
We have introduced a learner, sippy cup, but you mainly just want to chew on that funky shaped nipple:)!
You are enjoying your swing, bouncer, and exersaucer more and more everyday!
Currently, your  new favorite song is "The Ants Go Marching One By One!"
Your favorite books are Bouncy Baby and Daddy Loves Me!
You enjoy your baby DVD's but would still choose baseball or sports center over them!
You love to dance in Daddy's arms!
You are finally becoming a little more cuddly-- I will continue to hope and pray that you will one day love to cuddle:)!

Height and Weight are currently unknown.  I will try to update those sometime next week and no later than August 3rd when we go in for your 6 month checkup.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, We LOVE you!

Here are a few pics of lately.....

Loving her ability to sit up, she is proud!

Helping Dad with his telecast for work!

And finally... today's 6 month pic!  I was just gonna post one, but the photo shoot was to priceless, enjoy!

So happy...

being sweet...

blowing bubbles and smirking...

starting to wonder when this will end....

ATTITUDE, okay mom, I am getting sick of this! (lol)...

but, I will be an angel for this last one!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Ashley said...

Linds, she is just TOO PRECIOUS!! I hope we can have another play date sometime soon!

Donna Donaldson said...

Lindsey, Ava is adorable!! I have seen your mom make the same "attitude" face working in the kitchen! LOL! Love you!

Lynn said...

I can't wait to see her in person. I can see you alot of you in the first 2 photos. I'm so happy for you that she's seeming to like cuddling more! :)