Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1st Birthday Pics!

The pics are not in any particular order!  There were so many to choose from. I tried to narrow them down but didn't do so hot!

The best family pic we were able to take

Table decorations.  The pots held her pics from nb to twelve months.

Birthday Girl!

Eating her new book!

When YaYa and Papa brought Ava's gift from them, the wagon, around the corner... Kate was sitting in it like a little princess!  So precious!  Her and Ava rode around together!

Reserved at first.....

delighted to be a mess...

loving her first dessert of her life...

NOT  a fan of clean up time after cake! Yaya, Jason, and I on clean up duty!

Cousin picture with the addition of me.  Ava come to find out had an ear infection and would not stay put without me right there.

Ava and GJ

Loving opening presents

Mia and Grace were very helpful in assisting Ava while she opened:)

Ava and Josiah playing the drums together

Shopping with her new cart

Playing with Papa

Table decorations

We had such a great time!  Thanks for hosting at your house YaYa and Papa!  Thank you to everyone who came!  Can't believe she has already lived the first year of her life! 


Ashley said...

What a cute party, a sweet girl & precious family! :) Glad you got to be surrounded by family for the occasion!

Roxanne said...

cute little partay!!! happy bday ava! so...am i ever gonna see you again?