Thursday, August 11, 2011

The past month or so....(random)

It has been awhile since my last post.  I realized I still haven't posted any pics of Father's Day, Fourth of July, a cousins wedding on Jason's side, and more!

Life has been good around here for our family.  I have been dealing with some morning sickness but on the tail end of that now, thank goodness!  I had forgotten how much I used to be able to get done in one day until the last few when I have felt better.  Ava is thankful too!  I had been struggling to interact with her the same way.  The average of 106 degree temp here for the last two months has been rough as well.  It is bad when your 18 month old wants to go back inside after a bit because it is so stinking HOT!!   

Anyhow, we have been having FUN inside:)!  Ava is become quite vocal!  She is starting to string together phrases and some short sentences, mainly beginning with, "I want" or "I need"- lol!  It amazes me the things she will say sometimes.  I know all moms feel that way.  It is just so neat watching them grow into expressing themselves and verbalizing the knowledge they have had but not been able to put into words!  I love it!  

The other night at a wedding, Jason started walking off with our camera and Ava ran after him saying, "I want a picture!!"  So cute.  She played with a disposable camera at the reception and was quite the photographer!  The day after the wedding we took her to a local splash park in Gatesville, her first one, and she squealed the entire time!  It was great to have the chance to do that with GJ!

Anyhow, she is such a  joy!!  Every age is more FUN and DELIGHTFUL, not to pretend each isn't met with its own set of challenges!  

As for me, I HAVE BEEN ON PINS AND NEEDLES waiting for my little niece, Sophie Tate, to join us!!  I can not wait to meet her. I have also been slowly getting back into a workout routine since not feeling well.   

Jason has started getting up to workout in the mornings at 5:30 again and has really been enjoying it, although I know sometimes bed sure seems more cozy!  His softball league is about to start back up!  We are all excited because this year Ava and I should be able to make it to some of his games! 

We FINALLY BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA!!!!  It will be here shortly!  I can not tell you how excited I am about it!  I am not a great photographer but I have the ability to catch precious moments when I am using a good camera. I feel like I have missed so many with Ava because ours takes like 5 full seconds to take!  Anyhow our Nikon d3000 is on its way!  YIPPEEEEE!!! 

Father's Day was a low key and sweet day for the three of us!  Ava walked her gift over to Jason and sat with him while he looked at it!  We played, ate, and enjoyed a family day!  We loved honoring Jason and all the hard work he puts in at work and home to take care of and serve us!  We are two very lucky ladies!!! 

Our vacation to Gruene with our friends was wonderful and relaxing.  We floated the river two days, ate lots of good food, played games, and enjoy adult conversation with no kiddos!  We laughed alot!  Medicine to the soul:)!

Fourth of July was the day we found out that baby #2 is on the way.  We were with the whole family and had a great day PLAYING IN THE POOL!  We stayed out there all day and had a blast!  The kiddos love Yaya and Papa's pool and so do we!  We had my Dad's steaks- there is none better anywhere!!!  Great day of fellowship and fun!! 

Finally, baby #2 is healthy and growing.  Heartbeat was 189 at my appointment:).  We could see baby c's head bobbing up and down.  It was exciting!  Due date still set for March 3rd! 

Last but not least, pics from recently....

Ava's first snow cone!  I had to post this pic, we came across it yesterday.  Not sure exactly what happened here- we just found it hilarious!

Father's Day!

The girls (Talan- preggers, Kellen, and Me-preggers- but didn't know)!

The boys and very typical. Jason and Paul being funny and Dillon laughing at them!

Ava's playhouse that was a complete surprise from YaYa and Papa:)

The best pic I have to capture the 4th!  Jason is the one behind the camera, the rest of us are in there somewhere- ha!

Family pic at Trey and Derah's wedding

Saying their vows- congrats you two!

Our little photographer- "Say cheese"

Fun at the splash park!

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