Monday, June 9, 2008

Wonderful Last 10 Days!!

I am excited to share with everyone what I did during my week home. I have a few pics and lots of fun details to share. I will post tomorrow sometime probably. For those of you who know my sis, check out her blog, she updated belly pics and she has grown!

I gotta run because my cousin Kayla and her husband Lance are staying with Jason, Betho, and I tonight! They will be here any minute.

Thank You Lord for time with family. It is so precious and dear.


Anonymous said...

It was soooooo fun and we miss you! Thanks to Jason for sharing you for 10 whole days. We can't wait to see you both in a couple of weeks.

Love, Mom

Jamie said... fun! and you better post some pics soon too!don't post my chubbo ones! =)

Chuck and Ambre said...

My Mom told me you were in Beau Ideals after us that day--sorry we missed you! I know you had fun seeing your family for 10 days--what a blessing! Hope you guys are doing well!

Ryan & Mary Beth Davis said...

Thanks for sharing some of your precious family time with was so good to see you! I enjoyed our girl talk and GIGANTIC piece of cake!!!