Monday, July 21, 2008


Hey everyone! It has been a busy last few weeks. Life has been treating us sweetly though. We have been blessed.

Jason and I bought me a new car today! It was sad to say goodbye to the cougar (it has been a good car and it was my first), but EXCITING to say hello to this....

It is a Jeep, Patriot!!

Cool little guy with great gas mileage! My sister, Jamie, just recently purchased a Patriot as well. Now we have matching cars, but different colors!:) HOW CUTE!

For those of you who have been asking for me to change my picture setting to where you can click on it and it enlarges, I don't know how. Any other bloggers out there who can give a sista' some advice?

This upcoming weekend is going to be a blast. I am headed home to the SL again. My sister's baby shower is Saturday morning!!! I can not wait to be there, give Josiah- Jason and I's gift, and to see the cute things that Josiah is so graciously given by others. Then a change in scenery, Saturday evening is my cousin's lingerie shower!! It is a day full! It will be good, and my new car and I will be taking our first road trip together.

Tomorrow, my cousin Shelley is going to be having their little girl! HOW FUN. WHAT ANOTHER LITTLE BLESSING!

God is so good and gracious. He has revealed himself to me continually lately in my life and those around me. Just like anything we study, new facts and neat realizations come to light the more we learn. I thank God that growing in Him means that we will have never exhausted all there is to know, He continually has parts of His nature and His mystery to reveal!!
Well the day has gotten away from me. I have to run! God Bless.


Wendi said...

I love your car! How exciting!! Have a safe trip to SL. I am here right now!

Jason and Lindsey said...

How fun! I just saw all the pics from the lakehouse weekend. Once again, Jason and I were sad we could not make it:( Enjoy your time in SL.

ashley said...

Cool car Linds! We missed you guys this weekend! I hope I can see you soon, it has been TOOO long!

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

yay you updated :)) cute car!! im excited to see you this weekend!!!

and yay, God :) Sounds like you're superrr happyyyy and i LIKE that!