Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun Weekend!!

This past weekend, as I am sure most of you have already read on Jamie or Kayla's blog, was a blast! The two events of the weekend were a baby shower for Josiah (or Jamie and Jay:)) and Bethany's lingerie shower! We had such a good time. The shower Gaynor and all the other hostesses threw for Jamie was so special and sweet. They went all out in surfer theme as noted in the following pics....

The shower was precious. Jamie, Jay, and Josiah were abundantly blessed by gifts and love from so many gracious people. We had the chance to pray over Jamie and Jen blessed her with sweet words of edification and words of wisdom. What a day!

Jamie and I before the shower, what a stunning pregnant lady!!

I saw my college roomies all at the shower. Here is a pic of three of us, Wendi had not made it yet! (Shout out to you Wen for your new niece! She is darling!)

Then that evening we headed out to Betho's shower! It was a blast. All the women in the family minus Shelley were there, plus many friends. We had such a good time. Kayla you hosted a great shower for your sis! Here are a few pics of our pajama party shower...

Betho and Aunt Vicki.. (I would have posted more candid pics but my camera does not have many)

Another event of the weekend was my mom, sister, and I all went out to see Anna Kate (goes by Kate), my cousins newborn little girl. She was the most delicate and beautiful little baby! It was so exciting seeing her and made us realize just how soon it is going to be that we are going to have a little one. Josiah is just around the corner!

On Sunday, my parents and I went out to help Jamie and Jay get the nursery all put together. Bedding, clothes washed, etc.. It looked so adorable, but I did not take any pics. After I had said bye to Jamie and headed out I realized that was the last time I would see her before she delivered her sweet baby boy! It was so sad. I know watching her with him in her arms will be a blessing and dear, but there is something about watching and spending time with your sister during pregnancy. I am going to miss that sipper! Too bad we could not of had more of it. I love you.

Well enjoy the pics, that is all I have for now! Jason and I are headed for a relaxing weekend with friends.


Kayla said...

cute blog! That was such a fun weekend! I am so looking forward to the day when we all live on the same street! Love You!

Jamie said...

miss you too sis! forget work...come stay with me until i deliver josiah! =)

The Doty's Dish said...

Hey! I just found your blog and wanted to say hi! Love your car by the way.