Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Josiah......

I finally have a few minutes to sit down and do one of two things I want to do, which are spend some quality time with my husband and write a post about Josiah Andrew (my nephew)!

He was born on October 16th, as I have already posted. I got to finally see him on Saturday the 18th. I stayed with Jamie, Jay, and Josiah from Saturday evening through Monday evening, along with my mom and dad! It was INCREDBIBLE!!

This child is the most precious angel EVER! For those of you who are moms/dads or aunts/uncles, I am sure you know the feeling, but there are no words to describe what perfection he is and the amount of love one can possess:) He is PERFECTLY, ADORABLY, PRECIOUS!!!

I got to be there for a few of Josiah's first:

1. His first day home from the hospital, so first night at home.
2. His first bath.
3. His first doctor's appointment.
4. His first outing--- to target with us!
5. His first pacifier-- he loves his paci.
6. His first time in his crib.
7. His first time in his bouncer.
8. His first time in his swing.

His bouncer, pack n' play, and swing all have the ability to vibrate. The vibration is soothing to him. He is such a doll.

When I had to leave Houston to come back to reality, the whole way to the airport I could not believe it. Even though it was only a few short days I was there, it was wonderful. It is wierd now that I can not go to the next room and see him, hold him, burp him, help him fall asleep, and cuddle him. NOT COOL!!!

However, that is why I am only his aunt and Jamie is his mother:). You guys would not believe her immediate ability to have a motherly touch and insight. She is a natural and doing such a wonderful job. I love you sis and miss you dreadfully (haha, I sound british or something)!

I will post some pics of Josiah to follow, but for now I need to give a shout out to my WONDERFUL HUSBAND!!!.......
My schedule in the fall is just awful. This season so far since the last weekend in August I have been home for only one weekend. Those trips usually have me leaving on Wednesday night. I know it is just the nature of my job, but
it can not be easy. Jason, THANK YOU, for being so supportive, loving, understanding, and encouraging. You provide me the exact support and love I need at this time in the year. THANK YOU for supporting me in this career choice, because I know it causes us to have such little time together.
I love you more than words!!

Now time to reveal more of the bundle of joy.....

Josiah with his YaYa

Jamie, Josiah, and I at Target

Josiah is about to have his 1st sponge bath:)

Josiah sleeping peacefully on Papa Bears Chest!!
Papa Bear is my dad.

Uncle JJ and Aunt Lindsey love and miss you sweet boy!!!


The Doty's said...

Oh he is so precious. I'm glad you were able to be there for so much.

Kayla said...

It is actually painful that I cannot jump into the computer and pick up that little man!!! I can't wait to see him!!! AND you! We are leaving for Abilene in 30 minutes!