Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Updates

1. Our season is now officially over:( The girls played great at our conference tournament though.

2. Last week I got two weeks behind on homework, so this week so far has been make up city, but we get two weeks for next weeks due to Thanksgiving.

3. Mom/dad and Jamie/Jay and BABY JOSIAH, are coming to Jason and I for thanksgiving. I AM BEYOND EXCITED!! We will have lots of great family togetherness and fun. Much needed and Jason has not met Josiah yet. Yipee!!

4. As an echo to a post I read of my cousins earlier, regardless of who you/we voted for all that is left to do is get on our knees and pray for our country and our new leader.

5. I love winter. I love the cold. I love that winter means holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means Easter is even closer.

6. One of Jason and I's dear friends is getting married this weekend. Praise God.

7. My co-worker and good friend, Kellen, has been put on bed rest until her precious little one gets her, lift her up please.

8. ACU Football is hosting a playoff game here this Saturday. If we win we host another one the following week. We have a great shot at making it to the DII national championship! Go Cats!!!

9. I haven't seen enough movies lately due to lack of time, but I am excited to start catching back up.

10. I have been going 90-nothing this week, with work, school work, doing necessary things around the house, yet I feel alive. I am a dork and as tired as I get, I love being productive. Go figure.

11. I need a pedicure now that season is over.

12. We are celebrating my Grandma's 90th birthday the day after thanksgiving. How cool is that. Thank You Lord for grandma's health and life.

Enough randomness for now! Have a blessed day and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kayla said...

Thanks for posting! We are leaving Lubbock for our treck to Houston on Tuesday around 10am. I will call ya when we get to Abilene. Maybe it will be good timing and I can see ya! :) Love You!!