Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter/Camping Belated....

Easter Weekend was WONDERFUL!!!

Jason and I miss my family so much. It was great to see the family, Josiah, extended family, and family friends. We had a great weekend of FUN and relaxation with everyone. Horseshoes, washers, and hiking the falls took up alot of our time:) The seven of us in the immediate family (including Josiah) had LOTS OF LAUGHS around the campfire every night, which was quite refreshing:) It could not have been more wonderful.

Shout out to Rox, Brian, and Reid, we missed you guys:(! Can't wait to meet Avery Nicole:)!

I wouldn't trade the weekend we had for anything, but not having to say goodbye would have been nice. Jason and I were about to leave so I started walking back towards Jamie and Jay's tent, where sipper was to say goodbye and I began to loose it. From that point forward each hug and holding on to sweet Josiah, I had a hard time holding back the tears. Once Jason and I were in the truck and taking off, the floodgates opened. AHHH!! I AM SO GRATEFUL AND FEEL SO BLESSED to have family that we love and love us so dearly, but being the distance we are with Jason and I's working weekends sure is tough!

Anyhow, I am going to post pics but out of the 94 I took, Josiah was not in maybe 15, lol:)!! Funny how that happens. I will do my best to diversify though!

The Cute Family during Josiah's cereal time:) Other pics of them were taken actually smiling at the camera, but not on mine. So, action photo it is;) Josiah's 1st Day of Camping, look at him embracing the outdoors! J-Dawg and I by the campfire the 1st morning:) Mom and Dad during breakfast prep one day, ADORABLE!! JOSIAH PLAYTIME THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND!

Finally, I will leave you with this video of Josiah.... okay maybe not. I waited 25 mintues for this video to upload and it isn't showing up.

Sorry! Have a good day!


Jamie said...

awww. it was so fun and we miss you guys! =( can't wait to see you in a few still coming down when we move?

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

I love the camping pics! Makes me feel like we KIND of were there, ha. You guys look grrreat. My parentals LOVE you guys, btw. Seriously. THey will be CRUSHED if yall have to switch camping weekends (what with Jay's new position and everything).

Love you and i miss you woman!