Saturday, May 9, 2009

Life Lately....

Well life is beginning to slow down, yippee!

-the college students are home for the summer which means work slows down in a sense
-i don't have nightly assignments anymore:) (good and bad)
-Kellen and I will work hard through May in order to take June off
-Jason and I have had more time together lately
-We have also started having a social life again:)


A good friend of mine in town, Haylee is like a workout freak, pushes her body to all it's limits, etc... We are starting to train/workout together in order to get in great shape. She has already had three kids and is challenging me in some ways and I challenge her in others. I love working out with Jason but this has also been fun to have social, girlfriend time while pushing my body!

Besides that, the weather here is wacky! Yesterday it was 104 degrees and today it hasn't quite made it to 70. I am ready for summer weather and summer fun, but I would be perfectly content with it not getting warmer than 105, which is not going to happen.

I am getting to go spend time with my family in Houston soon! I can not wait. I miss them dearly and get to help Jay and Jamie move into their new homestead:)

Finally, I could use prayers of perseverance. I still have 40 hours that I need to finish hopefully by the last week in June in order to fulfill my practicum requirements for my Master's degree, in order to graduate. It should not be that hard, but I am kinda checked out and very ready to be finished. My supervisor gave me a pretty detailed suggestion on how to accomplish those hours and I am feeling ill-equipped to follow that suggestion at a high enough caliber. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!



P.S.-- I know at this point in American Idol, someone talented will have to leave every week, but I am still sad over Allison leaving last week:(.


Aja said...

Good luck finishing everything up--I can totally relate to that feeling! :)

Glad to see life is going well for you guys!


Kayla said...

You can do it!!!!!
p.s. I am jealous of your workout buddy....I need one!! :)