Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Carving:)

Hello All!  Well, Jason and I went over to a good couple friend's house, Amber and Jon, last night for dinner and a pumpkin carving party.  We are all very proud of how our pumkins turned out!  We had lots of fun and enjoyed an incredible, cool Abilene night on their back porch and carved away! 

This was the first time Jason and I carved pumkins together and we had a grand old time:)  We also carved a baby pumpkin for Miss Ava!  It is so cute!  We could not leave her out:)   

We saved the pumpkin seeds, rinsed them off and then baked them, YUMMY!  So much better than store bought pumpkin seeds in bulk!  

Anyhow, enjoy the pics below! 

Jason and I gutting our pumpkins!

Lindsey's finished project:)

Jason's fun little guy and finished project!

Mine and Jason's pumpkin, along with Miss Ava's!  Family pumpkins:)

Jon and Amber's pumpkins.  His is a cool Yoda:) 

Amber and I as the festivities are coming to an end!

Pic of J-dawg and myself.  I was tired, you can tell and see my allergy eyes!  I guess carving pumpkins is hard work:)

Last but not least, the Weems family portrait. (even their dog Millie stuck her head in the pic:))!!

 Beyond our pumpkin carving, a few random thoughts....
  • we serve an INCREDIBLE GOD!
  • my team has gone through some tough times lately, please cover them in prayer
  • my FCCofC shower is this weekend!!!!! so excited to see everyone!!!!!!!!:)
  • Josiah, my nephew is one years old, I am sure Jamie will post a party update soon
  • Jason and I continue to grow closer and more in love every day, MARRIAGE IS AWESOME!
  • my belly is continuing to grow and they say from here forward to expect 1/2 an inch a week, are you kidding me?
  • Ava is expected to be here in 14 weeks, that seems like no time at all
  • I miss my family a lot.  A special shout out to missing B and K today! 
  • excited to see the Richardson's at thanksgiving
  • I am tired and am now off to rest! 


P.S. When I was running earlier, I was listening to my I-POD to a Christian song with lyrics that state, " I beg for you to move, I beg for you to move, I beg for you to break through....."
There are many situations in my life right now indirectly with those surrounding me whom I love and care about where this is exactly what God needs to do and they need to allow to happen.  So if you don't mind generally lifting that up for those in my  life and around me, I would greatly appreciate it! 


HaNgiN' wiTh tHe BrAdfORdS said...

impressive pumpkins!!

i saw your momma today and i just lovvve her :) she is SO pumped about ava!

praying about your girls with you! love you!

The Richardsons said...

Jason is so crazy! y'all are so cute! we cant wait to see y'all either! 14 weeks already! it seems like it is flying by!

Jamie said...

i am impressed with your pumpkin carving skills...cute! can't wait till this wknd! aaaaaah!