Monday, November 2, 2009

Baby Shower for Miss Ava....

I know this post is a little delayed, but I am finally in town and had a few hours to myself:)!!

Last Sunday, dear friends of mine from my home church threw Jason, Ava, and I a baby shower! It was the most precious shower ever. They thought of the sweetest details to decorate with and made delicious food! Most importantly it was EVIDENT that all the effort put into the day was an out pouring of their love for our family. We were truly blessed by the day and are continually blessed by all those family and friends back home who pray for and over Jason, I, and now baby Ava continually!

All of you reading know who you are and you are a huge support system for our family. Thank you! We are so blessed by each and everyone one of you!

It was so fun to see everyone, catch up, hang out, have a time of blessing, open the cutest little girl gifts, and be showered with all the graciousness!

It was a perfect day! Thank you all who were part of making the day so special for us! God reigned down blessings of many kinds through you:).

Here are some pictures below that capture the fellowship, people, decorations, and gifts! ENJOY!!

Front Door Decor

Sign In Table

Food Table with PRECIOUS Decor

Two of my favorite lullaby type songs

First arriving and talking with Courtney, Mary Beth, Aunt Cheryl, and Lynn

Jenny blessing Jason, Ava, and I-- sweet time

Opening my bedding from mom and dad!  Love It!!  Shelley my cousin was like a little kid at Christmas when she saw the bedding. She was in love as well!

Receiving my last gift- the travel system from the hostessses, so GRACIOUS!

Three women who have loved and prayed for me my whole life, who were a big part of the shower!!:)


Bethany Freede said...

Oh my goodness it looks like you had such a WONDERFUL shower! I HATE HATE HATE that I had to miss it, and can't wait to see you (and Ava) soon!

Love you!

Chuck and Ambre said...

Your shower was so sweet. It was great seeing you! We are so excited for you and Jason and can't wait to meet sweet Ava.

HaNgiN' wiTh tHe BrAdfORdS said...

yayyy im glad the shower was so great :) aren't the women at first colony just the most awesome LOVING people ever!?

wish i could have been there to shower you with love toooooo :)

love you guys :)

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i love baby showers