Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happenings at the Campbell's


We went to Sugar Land for Thanksgiving!  It was so great to see everyone.  I feel I don't get to see my family enough already, especially my cousins and their spouses and kiddos!  We had a great time:)  The men visited and watched football.  The kids all played games and watched a movie in Mom's bed.  And the women sat around and talked until we decided on a game of spoons to end the days festivities! 

Ava and I stayed extra and had great relaxing time with Mom and Dad as well as knocked out some Christmas shopping!


She is just growing up so fast! She will be one year old is 6 weeks! CRAZY!!
She is a cruisin' fool! She makes her way all around our house, cruising from surface to surface! She loves it:).
She has started dancing to any upbeat music by bouncing up and down or shaking side to side.
She "sings along" to a Jesus Loves Me bunny that my parents have!
She will kiss or give love to anything- including Jason's house shoe and wait for one of us to recognize her and say "Aww- so sweet!" And she does it over and over and over again!
She weighs 23 lbs 10 oz and is 29.5 inches long!
Ava, your personality continues to reveal itself and we love everything about you! Even your frustration and passionate screams:).


Jason is doing well. He is an excellent Daddy and servant to Ava and I both. He is playing his last night of softball for awhile right now. His job is still going well but he is ready for a change.


I am doing okay. I have been struggling a little bit lately. I kinda had stopped any of my good habits like eating well, working out, etc... In addition I am just lonely here sometimes. However, I have started eating healthy again and have gotten back in my workout routine this week. Several of my friends schedules here should be calming down soon- so that should help as well.

I am loving all the precious time and moments I am blessed to have with Ava. She just makes my heart swell with joy and happiness!

Christmas Time

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! I love the lights, the music, the hustle and bustle of excitement, the cold air, the fires that make homes so cozy, the kindness that tends to pour out of people, and the family time it brings! Most importantly, I know that the reason that all of it takes place is because we are celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Last Thought

Jason and I just recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary! We had a great night going to dinner, hanging out and talking, roaming the mall babeless, and then going to a movie! It has been an incredible four years! This last year with the addition of Ava has been INCREDIBLE! We love having our own little family. We are learning and growing together as parents and it is challenging yet rewarding and FUN! We are stronger than ever before and we both shared the same sentiment in our cards that night about the blessing it has been to watch one another be a parent to our sweet baby girl! Thank You God for the last four years! We can not wait to see what all you have in store for the ones to come!

Anniversary Date!

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