Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reflux & Teething Equals No Sleep....


I am having one of those mornings where I am frustrated at myself as a mom!  Sometimes I don't think through things enough or I just assume it won't be that bad.  This time though Ava is suffering for it! 

I had finally thought that we could reduce her Prevacid to once a day and began to try it.  However, during the process we ran out of her prescription and I began giving her OTC instead to see if it would work.  Needless to say none of the above turned out to be wise decisions.  Ava has not been napping well or sleeping well at night!  We have been up for atleast 2 solid hours majority of the nights for a week now!  And my sweet angel who normally  loves to sleep and takes two naps a day normally at least 1.5 hours is barely taking 45 minute naps with an occasional longer one!

On top of her reflux really bothering her- she is cutting six teeth and they are really starting to come through!  I really couldn't tell you though how much that is actually bothering her or if it has just been the change in her medicine this whole time! 

I could just kick myself for this but to CVS Pharmacy we go in a few minutes to get her back on her prescription Prevacid! 

This Lesson LEARNED! 


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Roxanne said...

boo! so sorry :( DO NOT beat yourself up though! sometimes you just have to try things and they often dont work out how you hope they will! no harm done. she'll be back to herself in no time and wont remember a bit of the pain :)

i know it's torcherous though, to think that you are causing your child to be in misery!

love you. you are a superrrr great mommy and she's a lucky little booger to have you!

good luck with everything!!!