Thursday, January 6, 2011

On the go....

So, since Ava's first steps she has steadily starting walking longer distances more often with encouragement and then the little distances on her own accord.  However, today Ava's walking mobility progressed dramatically.  We were at a friends house and all the sudden she was just taking off almost anywhere and everywhere!  She was so loving exploring a new place and "chasing" (as fast as she can) after Millie, a very sweet and kid friendly yellow lab! 

When we got home she kept at it, going in circles over the house, walking longer distances here and there, and talking up a storm.  We were then on the phone with YaYa and when I hung up and said bye-bye YaYa, Ava turned and looked at me and clear as day said YaYa! She has been saying it for awhile now but never as clear or contextual as that!  Then we called my mom back and she started saying bye-bye Ava and Ava said bye-bye several times. She also continued to say bye-bye all through her bath time tonight! 

She is too darn cute and growing so fast!  We love you Ava girl!

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