Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hallelujah- warm weather!

The Campbell Clan is praising God up above for the warm weather!  What do people do with little ones who live in places that stay cold year round?? Anyhow, we have been enjoying the great outdoors!  We literally are always outside! 

There is not much to catch up on.  Jason and I are just embracing life, learning, growing, and enjoying each other and precious Ava!   We CHERISH our Sundays because they are only family day since January:(.

Anyhow, here are a few pics of February and March. 

Super Bowl Night with friends and it started snowing! 

The girls!  Talan and I each have one and the other two are preggers (both have their sweet baby boys now)!


Amanda and her two kiddos with Ava and I at Run4Rex

TN Weekend- went to visit a dear group of college friends!  Oh how we miss them!

Sarah and I loving on each other's kiddos!

Ava's hair one day after nap- crazy!  She must have slept good;)

Harper and Ava reading books

Ava and Daddy at zoo-she LOOOOVVEEESS HER DADDY!

Playdate with Ava, Harper, and Haddie all together

Harper's Birthday Party- 2 years old

Starting early- perfect passing form!

Weekend alone with YaYa and Papa!

Trying out the lion and frog chairs so she can have her own when we go camping!  We went with the frog but cousin Jo is probably going to end up with the lion or maybe the monkey!

Harper and Ava riding in the wagon!

We have spent time with family lately, but I always grab Mom or Jamie's cameras since they take better pics.  Problem is I never end up with copies to post!

Have a great weekend!

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