Thursday, June 16, 2011

Campbell Househould Lately...

I don't feel like I have anything real exciting to catch everyone up on but our everyday life:)! 

Jason has begun to gain a little more flexibility at work which has been an incredibly nice change for us!  One half day a week on top of Sundays and his boss advocating for him to get more days off for vacation type purposes!  YAY!! 

Ava and I have both been doing a lot of traveling.  We have been to Houston, Temple, Colorado (just me) and so on.  Kellen and I drove to CO for a wedding of one of our former players!  It was a very sweet wedding that fit her and her husband perfectly.  They honored Kellen and I at the beginning of the ceremony along with their family members.  It was quite touching!  Then as only Shawna would, for her bouquet she threw a hot pink volleyball- lol!  Priceless. 

Ava and I are about to head back to Houston for a crazy, busy time.  We are coming for a shower for my sister.  Right after the shower I am leaving town to meet Jason and two other couples for a vacation in Gruene TX.  Leaving the munchkin behind- wohoo!  Thanks mom and dad!  We are going to float the river, golf, hangout, etc...  Just enjoy one another's company without all the kiddos running around! 

Jason then gets to turn around and come back to Houston the Sunday before the 4th and join us for the 4th in Houston!  We are so excited.  The nine (including baby Sophie, of course) very rarely all have time together, we are usually missing Jason!  We will have a great family day! 

Ava is FOR SURE NO LONGER A BABY!  It is crazy.  I was holding her yesterday and saw our reflection in the mirror!  She is SOO BIG!  She is repeating almost everything we say, talking, singing, dancing, climbing, etc... I really can't believe it!  She also finally learned to crawl at 1.5 years old-ha!  She is for sure her own person! 

Her personality is precious, fun-loving,  and very independent:). 

She lately ..
(this will be a long list mainly for my records)

  • started counting (1,2, and we occasionally get the three;))
  • making animal sounds for sheep, cow, rooster, monkey, lion, snake, camel (sometimes), elephant, puppy, horse, bird, and duck
  • has added dusting to her already superb sweeping and mopping skills
  • climbing on everything
  • blowing her nose and wiping her mouth
  • is asking for specific books
  • has become obsessed with Winnie the Pooh movie, books, and stuffed animal
  • helps pick up her toys
  • puts objects in random places
  • loves to take things out and put them back in over and over
  • runs fast
  • "jumps" without her feet leaving the floor unless she is in her crib then she jumps up and down
  • fallen in love with the Zoo and doesn't understand why she can't get in the cages with the animals
  • has Tea parties with her tea set
  • she has begun to identify the color purple
  • sings "It's a hap, its a hap, its a happy day" by singing "happy, happy, happy, dddddaaaaayyyyyy"
  • does some motions to "My God is so big"
  • does some motions to "Head and shoulders"
  • acts out happy, sad, silly, giggling, mad, crying
  • points out her belly button, ears, eyes, hair, head, nose, mouth, and toes
  • helps me load water into the fridge, two at a time- what?  too cute!
  • loves her baby pool
  • tells me what the letters A, B, C, and sometimes D say
  • laughs alot
  • loves to pray and say Amen
  • loves to read her Bible, especially the story page- Jesus Loves the Little Children
  • loves to be tickled
  • loves music
  • loves to dance
  • saying (new words from last post I think)... oatmeal, giraffe, pool, pooh, teeth, chur-oh (cheerio), juice, milk, water, bach (block), bed, park, pear, manna (bannana), wamama (watermelon), I know, I want _____, air-pay (airplane) or plane, read it, rock, circle, and then repeats almost everything!
  • hates brushing her teeth
  • thinks it's funny to stick her finger in her nose, "wake up" Jason and I from pretend sleep, tickle us, or touch our belly buttons
  • is really testing boundaries just for the heck of it
  • cuddling much more-  Yay!! 
  • missing her Yaya, Papa, GJ, Uncle J, Jamie, and Josiah.

Every morning she goes over to a pic of the Blackburns and takes it down, points to all three of them, and gives Josiah kisses.  Then throughout the day she always "is on the phone" with Yaya or Papa.  So sweet! 

Jason and I are still praying and waiting to see what God has in store next!  We are learning and growing as we wait!  Prayers for our next step would be AWEOSME!  Thanks. 

I will leave you with a few pics:)

She loves to wear my headbands

Kel and I at Shawna's wedding

The volleyball bouquet

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ashley said...

She is so cute & getting so big! Glad to hear things are going good & that yall are enjoying more family time!