Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ava- 15 Month Post (a tid bit late)

So I realized the other day that I had not done an update on Ava lately.  I was wanting to find a place to record some of the new things she is doing now that I no longer have a baby calendar. The blog is going to have to do for now!  

Anyhow, Ava, you are at such a FUN AGE!!  Every day your precious, loving, and spunky personality shine through a little  more!  You are starting to use more words and just do more big kid things!  So precious (and sometimes so challenging;))! 

Lately baby girl the words you have either clearly said or attempted to say are.....

bird- twee-twee
puppy- woof woof
shine (this little light of mine)
wa-wa (water)
cacker (cracker)
wee (anytime you see a swing or a rocking chair)
Jo (josiah)
Harper (friend)
Haddie (friend) 
thank you
bawoon (balloon)
hush or shh - with your finger over your mouth- love it!

There are more that I am missing I am sure but those are some of the new additions to your vocab right now- lol!

You also are:

Dancing in circles to Ring Around the Rosie and enjoy being dizzy
Throwing and catching balls
Trying to hit the golf ball with the club
Starting to "get/tickle" daddy and I
You pound it with people
You like to back up to daddy and I when you want to sit in our laps
You give the best voluntary and involuntary kisses
You love your friends and cousins
Saying Hi and Bye to anyone and everyone
Starting to put things back in their places
Chasing the balls of your ball popper and putting them back in
Knocking on doors when someone is in a room or outside that you want to get to
Going down smaller slides by yourself with someone waiting at bottom
Starting to climb
Doing stairs by yourself as long as you have some kind of railing to hold onto
Becoming interested in buckles
Undoing your shoes constantly
Starting to understand drinking from a straw
Almost using a spoon by yourself
Still loving your sleep and your bed
Associating some letters with words
You love to sweep or mop with your broom or any of mine
Testing your boundaries (a lot)

I think I will stop there!  You are just growing so fast!  Everyday I have at least one if not a gazillion precious or funny stories to tell your daddy when he gets home!  We are so very in love with you! 
Thank You sweet girl for the joy and love you share with us each and every day! 

A few random pics

Have a great week!!

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Roxanne said...

cutie patootie :) soooooo happy i FINALLY got to spend some time with your superadorable child! (and you!)

love you guys.