Monday, November 14, 2011


I can't believe I have not updated since we moved!  It has been a very busy and very blessed several weeks.  It goes without saying that we miss our dear friends in Abilene:(.  With that being said we are very excited to build relationships here and plant roots!  We have been very welcomed since we have been here.  It has been wonderful seeing the friends I grew up going to church with on a more regular basis and watching Ava play with their kiddos!! We are getting to see different family members much more often- which ROCKS!  Ava has had a blast and has so many new friends to play with all the time!!!  Jason is really enjoying his job and excited for where the new programs will take him and what his job will look like! 

We think we are almost ready to announce what baby girl #2 will be named- woohoo! 

We are house hunting and ask for lots of prayers over our search and decisions! 

I still need to post Halloween pics soon! 

I guess that is all for now.  However, developing relationships, house hunting, planning for a new baby, holidays coming up, etcc..  are all a pretty big deal;)- haha! 

Have a blessed week!

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Brittnie said...

Excited you are here :)