Sunday, January 22, 2012

A few pics of events lately...

Our little Bumblebee at Halloween!

Jamie and I took Mom out to Max's Wine Dive for brunch and then to a movie for her birthday!  A great and fun kiddo free day!

Jason and I before his work Christmas party- good to start meeting the people he is now working with

Ava playing

We met GJ half way for a Christmas gift exchange, meal, and playtime!  We had a fun time!

Ava LOVES her GJ and she is loving on her in this pic:)- sweet!

Ava and I before a Christmas PJ party with mommies and other kiddos- she is a poser for the camera.  As you can see she loves to say cheese and ham it up!

The best shot of all the kids that night- thanks Heidi!

Family Christmas pic- love her sweet expression

Cousins reading Twas the Night before Christmas- (Pop Up) on Christmas Eve

Lucy and Sophie's Stockings

Jo's Christmas

Ava's Christmas

Just because pic- lol

That is a very brief run down of some fun events lately.  Hopefully one day I will really start blogging again more frequently and thoroughly.  In the meantime I will do my best.  Our family is doing good. 

Ava is 2 years old tomorrow!- Insane!
Lucy will be here in 6 weeks or less!
Still house hunting!
Thankful for my precious parents and their generosity to let Jason, I, and Ava invade their home- soon to possibly be the four of us!
Enjoying building relationships and reconnecting with lifelong friends here in Houston!
LOVE having Jason around more with his improved work hours!
Jason is enjoying his job!
Ava is loving have lots of kiddos around all the time!
We all are loving seeing so much family all the time! 


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Ashley said...

Oh that sweet little Ava! She is so precious, Linds! So wish our girls could have a play date {& us too!!!} Love ya!