Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Little Angel Lucy Claire

Our sweet new addition is over a week old now and we can't imagine life without her!  We love having her sweet little newborn self around. 

Quick birth story...
We arrived at the hospital Tuesday the 28th at 5:00am.  By 6:00 the induction was underway.  The morning was relaxing, fun, and laid back.  Jason, mom, dad, Jamie and I just hung out.  I had an epidural by the way- which is why I can say it was relaxing.  From 11:45-12:59 I progressed from a 5 to complete and she was here!  Crazy quick and simple:)!  I loved it!  During Ava's delivery I was so drugged up on a small amount of pain meds that I literally don't remember much, wasn't with it enough to really engage in the pushing process, etc... This time around, I remember everything and it was a great experience!!  She was born at 12:59, 8 lbs 4 oz, and 20.5 inches long. 

Ava LOVES her big sister!  She is always kissing her, wanting to see her, help get her blankets, pacis, etc..  They are going to be great together!  I know it is still early in the transition but so far I am thankful for the way she has handled the transition! 

Lucy girl had eventful first few days of life, including tests being run at Texas Children's when she was three days old.  Long story, but they were concerned of a possibly obstruction in her GI tract somewhere!  Lots of prayers were sent up and PRAISE GOD that all her anatomy was normal.  They did find that she has definite reflux issues as she is trying to swallow, it is shooting back up.  She had been doing relatively well with the discomfort although we could always hear it.  However, the last few days she has been progressively more uncomfortable:(.  I have cut all dairy and soy from my diet again since her 3 day visit to doc and TCH.  Prayers for her comfort and our search to find what best helps her.  Thanks. 

Anyhow, SHE IS PRECIOUS!  She has a head full of dark hair which is different for us and fun!!  She definitely resembles Ava and they look like siblings, but she has her own look. 

I am trying to hurry through this post while both girls are sleeping and I actually have the energy, so I will leave you with pics now!  I have more pics to come from mom's camera and the last few days, but here are the initial few days!

Giving little sister her present

Opening little sister's gift to her

Sweet Sisters!

First bath...

by the end she found it soothing!

Big Sister taking a moment to still be the baby:)


Wendi said...

Sweet baby!! So glad things are okay. Can't wait to hold her again soon. Y'all will have to come over and play.

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