Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our BABY GIRL IS 2!!!!

This post is slightly belated but regardless our little baby girl turned two on Monday the 23rd!  It is absolutely mind-blowing how fast these past two years have gone!  Seriously, where did the time go? 

I am going to document here everything she is doing, saying, liking, etc.. for my personal records.  I would love for you to share in reading it but understand not everyone is interested in all the tiny details!

Ava you are an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT! 
You fill mine and daddy's hearts to overflowing on a daily basis!  You have been God's perfect and precious gift to us!  Each stage you reach brings new joys and challenges.  We love seeing your personality develop and pray God guides us in training you up to have a heart that knows and chases after Him! 

Your vocabulary my darling is crazy.  You are a very verbal for your age and talk in complete sentences a lot of the time!  It is funny to sit down and have conversations with my two year old, but I love it! 

A few of the phrases you say often....

"I want to play together with _________  mommy or whomever."
"I don't like it"
"Oatmeal Papa"
"Come here guys" or "Come here daddy"
"Where did ____ go? ... Oh, there it is."
"I want to drive Ava's car"
"I want Hobby Lobby"
"I want my paci back"
"Sit down right here"
"I want to cook cookies in the microwave"
"I want to see it or him"
"I want to go potty"
"It's Ava's turn now"
"I washed my hands real good"

Now notice many of your common phrases start with I want... surprise, surprise:)!  Those are just the tip of the iceberg. 

I really want to document all the words you say but feel it would be impossible to type the list.  There are not many everyday items or words I can think of that you don't say or at least repeat clearly.  

You are starting to grasps concepts of his/her or boy/girl, there/here, this/that, "Yaya is coming too", and are becoming aware of the concept of time.  You also are starting to recognize and talk about emotions.  You sing your A,B,C's and count to ten!

We love your voice and enthusiasm behind your singing and dancing! You also are starting to carry the tune on pitch sometimes- precious!  A few of your favorite songs  and ones you know all the words to are..

Joy to the World
Away in a Manger
Jesus Loves Me
Twinkle, Twinkle,
Itsty Bitsy Spider
Peace, Peace
Knock, Knock, Knock
I'm in the Lord's Army
If You're Happy and You Know It

Things you enjoy doing...

Your imagination and pretend play has just recently begun to flourish!  You love playing with your kitchen, tea pots, dishes, etc...  You will bake something and say you are saving it for tomorrow- haha!  Love it! 

You love baby dolls!  You have many, they all have names, and you are very specific about which ones you want to nap or go night night with you on different days.  You love to rock them, feed them, change their diapers, put them to sleep, etc...  We are praying that all translates very well here in about a month when baby Lucy arrives!! 

You are finally very active with large motor skills.  Running, climbing, using your knees, jumping,dancing (constantly- we love music) starting to ride your tricycle, etc... 

You love to play chase!!! You love to laugh! 

You are super SOCIAL!! You love people, other kids, everybody!  You remember every one's names (family and friends) and ask about them periodically or constantly, depending!

You still really enjoy reading and there has been more time lately where you have been good about independent reading or play- Thank You Lord!! A true blessing!!

Cute things you do.....

When we ask you a question you sit and think about it while moving your eyes up and to the side and saying "ummm...........(long pause)- then your answer"!  ---  Your eyes do a lot of your talking in addition to your words! 

Anytime we say we don't think we can find something, do something, etc... you ask us to please try or inform us that you are going try while shaking your head up and down.

You ask any cashier at any store for a sticker and if they tell you they don't have any you say "I want to look!"

You like to decide how you wear your hair, pick out your own bow, pick out your own shoes, and are starting to have opinions about what you wear.  You also don't like to leave the house without your own purse or backpack!  SUCH A GIRL!!

You ask to see Lucy aka my tummy often throughout the day.  You bring her toys, kiss her, sing to her, like to feel her kick, try to feed her bites of your food, etc..  You are so sweet about her!  At night when I am putting you to bed the last thing you do every night is "cuddle Lucy"!  You lift up my shirt kiss her, then cover her up and lay your head down on my tummy while we rock!  Heart melting and really sweet!  We pray those feelings of love and affection remain when the true understanding of Lucy hits!

Physical stats....

You are 36" tall- 95%
You are 32 lbs 10 oz- 95%
Your head is 19.5 inches- 95%
(all of your stats fall in the 50% for 3 year olds- hehe)

You are cutting your bottom right 2nd year molar.
You finally have enough hair to start playing around with pigtails, pony tails, etc... 
We love it curly but smoothed into pigtails is pretty precious! 
You are wearing majority 3T clothes and a size 7-8 shoe depending! 


We are also beginning to have some behavioral issues, if you will,  that come with the territory of  your age combined with your temperament and persistence!  We are praying for guidance and trying to parent with patience and grace while being consistent and setting expectations. 

We pray that you quickly decide that emphatic and defiant No's aren't a necessary part of your vocabulary, along with the phrase "I don't want to!".  We also pray the experimenting with hitting and saying words you know you shouldn't for attention are short lived!  - oh the joys- lol!

We are so incredibly thankful for you and the opportunity to raise you!  You make us smile so much and we love being your mommy and daddy!!  Our last two years have been our BEST BECAUSE OF YOU!  We have loved all of our time with just you and now are looking forward to adding sweet Lucy to the mix. 

Happy 2 Year Birthday Squeaker!!


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She is so cute!! :) Happy bday, Ava!