Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am going home to spend time with my familia for nine days! I am very excited and very ready to see my family. 6 hours is too far from them:( I am going to spend time with mom and dad until this upcoming Thursday and then spend the second weekend with Jamie and Jay.

As I am sure you all have noticed though I am using the word "I" not "we". Jason does not get to come with me and I am SAD! I do not like leaving him for that long, but H-town is too stinking far to go back and forth more often. I know that Jason is a grown man and can take care of himself, but I wish I could do both. I enjoy cooking dinner for us, keeping the house picked up, etc.. I AM GOING TO MISS YOU HONEY!!

On another note--
Jason and I went to the Drive In movie here in town the other night. For $7 a head you can go and pick between two different screens for the early movie and the late movie. We went to go see Indiana Jones and Chronicles of Narnia (that we did not stay for--because we are old--and were tired by the 11:15 start for the second movie:)), and Abilene was in the middle of a pretty decent thunderstorm. We have never been to the drive in when it was so busy. What a crazy thought!! The lightning was bolting down and lighting up the sky directly behind the screen we were watching the movie on, it was pouring down rain, and everyone was watching the movie through their windshield wipers!

IT WAS THE COOLEST THING, SO PRETTY! God is a creative God. We were sitting there in amazement. It was also a lot of fun, we were able to be in a safe place (due to being grounded in the car), watch a good movie and a thunderstorm. Who would of thought?

Well I finally get to see my prego sisters belly on Saturday! I have not seen her since she was barely even showing! I AM STOKED!!

By the way Rox if you are reading this, thanks for sharing the link to Audrey Caroline's story.


Ryan & Mary Beth Davis said...

I know how important family time is when you're here, but I'd love to see you if you ever get a minute!!!

rOxaNne bRaDfoRd said...

Girrrrl, you're so totally welcome. Isn't that amazing? That girl is a warrior.

PS- HAVE FUNNNN with your fam!!! I'm jealous you get to spend that much time with them :) Love you