Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Icy Abilene!

The weather in Abilene today was very cold. We have ice that is supposed to worsen overnight and since Abilene does not handle icy roads well, all schools were cancelled and have a delayed start for tomorrow. Which was great news for me, but even better because today is TUESDAY, Jason's day off. We got to spend the entire day together. We braved the roads to make sure we got a workout in and then came home and chilled. We cooked, took a nap, read, had good conversation, and I did some homework (Jason helped:)).

The unfortunate aspect of the possibly dangerous road conditions is that right now I am craving a warm dessert! Lol, I am dreaming off hot chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip bunt cake, brownies, or anything chocolate and warm with a huge glass of milk. Don't worry though the conditions are saving me from myself:)!

If we are "iced in" again all day tomorrow, Jason will have to most likely go to work:( but it will give me a chance to get ahead on some of my practicum work.

Random Thoughts:
Movies I want to see:
Gran Torino, Defiance, He's not that into you, and The Proposal. There are more I am sure, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.

Things I am excited about:
Spring weather, camping on Easter, being done with grad school, having time to pick back up with my Gilmore Girls season watching, seeing Josiah (whenever that will be), Jason and I starting our family one day, temperatures above 40 so I can grill meat for dinner again and run outside, and Superbowl for everyone else (I will be recruiting)!

That is it I suppose, I am going to go stick my nose in a book, The Shack. I will post my review about it when I am finished. Don't hold your breath though, with all the reading I have for grad school it takes me a little longer than usual.


Wendi said...

I want to see "He's Not That Into You" also! The preview looked cute!! Enjoy your time off. We're hoping for an ice day tomorrow from school... we'll see!

Jamie said...

how are you even up with what movies are out? i never seem to be current on that! i guess it helps me hold out until they come out on dvd and everyone tells me i should see it. i miss abilene freeze! it's cold here this morning so i am burning my gas logs...love those things! miss you!