Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick Friday Morning Post...

I have just a few minutes to post some quick thoughts.

First one that comes to mind is to beseech prayers for myself and my hubby this semester. I am taking 6 hours of graduate work and I also have my practicum, which is 125 clock hours of teaching/preparing curriculum in Abilene this semester, on top of my job. So far the last two weeks God has given me the grace and strength to keep my mind about me. I normally don't have a problem getting all my work done, but in order to do so I don't take time for me to work out and do things I enjoy, which basically make me more sane and joyful!!:) So, just pray for me in all of that and Jason as well since he has to live with my crazy schedule and possibly crazy wife!!

Second, due to Jason and I's jobs we almost never have mornings to where we can just sleep in together and hang out all day without any obligations! I mean we always have Sundays which are great and we LOVE going to church, but we still get up go to church and have just a few afternoon hours before our lifegroup meets. However, tomorrow Jason has Saturday off because they have a Sunday sale this weekend! I AM SO PUMPED!! It will be great!

I can't forget a shout out to Kayla, Lance, Bethany, and Cody for our stellar-fun weekend we had last weekend! We hung around, went to dinner, played poker at the homestead, went to church, a movie, and more! It was a great few days of needed family fellowship, but we missed Jay and Jamie! So, El Dorado May 2010? What? :) We will see. Love all six of you mucho!

Finally, I miss all my family, but especially Josiah. He rolled over yesterday! He is growing up so fast!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, full of God's abundant blessing!

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Jamie said...

I follow your blog...officially now! =)I am sad we missed out on cousin weekend too! Are they all going camping this year? Prayed for you already today by the you!