Monday, February 15, 2010

Loving Life...

So my family has been bugging me for a new post, which I completely understand! I have been trying to get to it, but Ava has had a few fussy days lately, which makes it more difficult.

We are absolutely just loving her. It is crazy how much time has gone by and how much changes so quickly with newborns. I feel like I am finally starting to get a feel for her different crys, what she likes and doesn't like, and she is just so much FUN!

Jason is absolutely head over heels in love with her! He has been so involved. He loves to do anything and everything that has to do with her or taking care of me so I can better take care of her during the days. It is amazing to watch your husband become a father. Another sweet blessing from God above!

Speaking of God we went to church, the actual building and service as a family yesterday! It was so wonderful to be back with a body of believers praising the Lord. It was even more amazing to be standing in service with Ava on me, in my arms after 9 months of sitting in that same place praying over her and giving her to the Lord! It was moving and deeply meaningful to Jason and I.

Last but not least, GJ is here with us this week to help out and love on Miss Ava! We are going to have a lot of fun and it has already been a big help! I am sure I will post more on this as the week unfolds or this upcoming weekend!

Miss Ava...

- eyelashes are growing like crazy-- very pretty
- she seems to be getting heavier and chunkier
- last night she stretched from 10:30pm-4:30am- hello several hours of sleep in a row!
- she is very curious-- loves looking around
- loves to stretch, throw her head back, and stick her rear end out
- is the sweetest and most precious thing in the entire world

Finally, we are still trying to figure out if she has reflux, colic, a food allergy or a combination of some of these listed. We have her on reflux medicine and started her on gripe water yesterday. It seems to be helping. I will let you know as time unfolds and keep you posted. Any moms out there who have dealt with this, feel free to let me know any remedies you found.

I miss my family and can't wait to get Miss Ava down to Houston as well as Temple to meet family and friends! Hopefully, that trip will happen sooner rather than later!

Other random thoughts:
- Jason and I are going on a date tomorrow night! It will be the first time we will be out without Ava-- we are excited to go connect but I know we will also be ready to get home to baby girl.

- The weather this week is supposed to be warm enough that I will finally get to take Ava on an outdoor walk! I have been dying to do that, YIPPEE!

- I love God. I am constantly amazed by how he so intricately created all things, people. etc...

Now, here are pics!

Ava and GJ!!

Chilled out-- who cares about food right?

(this pic semi displays head back, rear end out, and her eyelashes if you look close)

Ava and daddy after getting ready for church

Our sad attempt to get a family pic before our first time to church:)  Ava upset and Jason has half a head, oh well!

As you can tell in these two pics she likes to work one hand out of her swaddler these days and rest it on her face:)


Ashley said...

She is so precious Linds!!

Ok-I FEEL your pain!! Sounds like we have the same issues! Emma is on meds for reflux & has been since she was about 2 months old I guess. First they put her on Zantac & that didn't seem to do anything, so they switched her to Prevacid & it does make a big difference. When she is not on it she does not tolerate her feedings very well at all, is much more fussy, and it is obvious that she it is really hurting her. I HATE for her to have to be on any type of medication at such a young age, but it really does make such a difference for her.
Also, I have completely taken all dairy out of my diet {boo!!!}. It really has made a difference though. When I have it she has so many more projectile spit ups & it seems more painful to her. It definitely doesn't cure the problem, but I can tell a noticeable difference in some of the symptoms. It is no fun for me, but does make it easier knowing that it makes her feel a little better.
Gripe Water has been a God send for us! We still use it occasionally. She still has a fussy time in the evening & often times even a half dose of it will be all it takes to calm her down.
I will be thinking about you guys. SERIOUSLY, call me if you need to talk! Love ya!

The Richardsons said...

finally! a new post with new pics! lol! She is just so sweet! I am jealous of GJ! If I thought my kids could tolerate a 3hr drive & be able to BEHAVE themselves we would so be there! But I think I will wait until Ava is a little bit older! But I can not wait to hold that baby! she just seems like the best little snuggler! love you guys!