Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life at the Campbell's

Life is good! I say that with an amount of enthusiasm and gratefulness I am sure can't be picked up on through the internet. However, right now for Jason and I, we are blessed! We both have jobs, a precious new joy in our life, and are surrounded by spiritual family here that love and support us! On the flip side some days it is hard not to feel anxious, disheartened, or curious of what God's plan really is for our lives.

Jason has been looking for a new job since June. He is still searching and will continue to search until he does indeed find one! Please be praying that God will reveal to Jason exactly what it is he is passionate about and created to do as well as open doors or even windows on that front.

I also am struggling trying to figure out exactly what life is going to look like with having Ava and working. There are lots of decisions that need to be made.

Please be praying for us to have discernment, open eyes, open ears, and hearts willing to obey his guidance!

With all that being said, I once again say life is GOOD solely because we serve a loving, faithful God. He promises us He has a plan for us, we can rest in His peace, and He created this life to be full of blessings and grace shown through His people. I love that He created life to be all about people and community!

Anyhow, that is alot of jumbled thoughts-that may or may not make much sense, but it is what is on my mind.

On another note, GJ left this morning:( It was so wonderful having her here and getting to spend so much time with her! She loved on Ava all week, cooked yummy dinners for us, cleaned, and did laundry. She came to serve and that she did! Thank you GJ! We had a great time! You will be missed:)

Beyond that...
-Jason and I's date night on Tuesday was FAB! We had such a good time & great conversation. We are looking forward to our next one whenever that may be.

- Ava is changing more and more. I was convinced that she couldn't already be growing in length, but I have now decided she must have! I put on one of her newborn outfits this morning and it is almost too short for her now.

- Thanks for all your prayers about her reflux, colic, milk allergy question mark. It seems to have gotten much better. We are hoping her reflux meds finally kicked in and they are working. However, please do not stop praying!

- Bethany is in town this weekend and is going to spend time with our family tomorrow and Monday! I can't wait for her to meet Ava and Ava meet her! It has been too long.

- I get to start working out today anything I want except lift weights, yipee!! Hopefully I can find the time, the weather here is not permitting Ava to be outdoors with me and Sing Song is ruling ACU at the moment.

- I miss my family!

- I am completely in love with my husband!

I guess that is it for now on thoughts. Now for the good part! We had newborn pics taken by a photographer in town who made this slideshow of the pics and is gracious enough to let us share it with everyone. It is precious and a keepsake-- don't be fooled though, she doesn't look much like that anymore;)

Baby Ava

Updated photos:

GJ playing with Miss Ava

So serious!

Stretch, stretch, stretch!  Long little thing!

Daddy time before work:)

The END!

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The Richardsons said...

today my reading partner is Alex which means that instead of typing this in 30 seconds it will take me 5 min because I have to swat his hands away! anyway! I am glad to hear her reflux is getting better. In her serious pic she looks so much like Jason! She is growing so much! & so very pretty. When I made the pictures bigger Alex would talk to Ava! it will be so fun when they get to meet each other! we all love you & will lift you in our prayers!
love launa & fam!