Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time is flying...

Jason and I can't believe that Ava is already two weeks old-- seriously where does the time go?!  We are having a blast, these two weeks have been so special to us already and we know it will only get sweeter! 

So... YaYa had to leave this morning and it was tough. We were both very tearful last night and again this morning. It was so sad to see her go and know she won't get to see Ava as much as we all would like and that Ava won't be loved on by her as often as she has been.  However, we realize that for now that is a reality and we have to cherish every moment we get when family does get to be near us or us to them! Having her here was absolutely invaluable!  I can't imagine the transition without her wisdom, experience, love, and servan'ts heart!  THANK YOU MOM!  We love you!  Something so sweet about having your mom help you learn and discover becoming a mother yourself!  What a blessing! 

Since YaYa left this morning, Jason, Ava, and I are spending our first day as a family of three since Ava was born:)  How sweet it is and will be!  We have decided to stay in today and not do church until next week. However, Ava went down for a nap and we watched last weeks sermon- it was powerful and refreshing! We also are planning on staying in, just the three of us for the Super Bowl!  It will be relaxing:) 

Beyond that, Ava is still doing well!  We love her and being parents so much!  It has been the greatest blessing for our family!  Last night Ava slept one five hour stretch and then a four hour stretch!  Although, during the days right now she has been really upset after feedings and then once we get her to sleep she only has a short time to sleep before I am being told to wake her up to eat again!  I am beginning to think she has reflux, please be praying boldly that is not the case. and will pass quickly.  Our sweet little girl cries out in what seems to be pain throughout the day.  At night though she is fine.  Pray for discernment for myself and the pediatrician in exploring what is going on with our sweet girl!

Well I haven't posted pics in a few days so I will post some below!  Also we took newborn pictures that are adorable and there is a slideshow that I will eventually put on the blog, but I want to wait until I have sent out birth announcements so I don't spoil the surprise! 

Cousin Josiah playing with Ava, he loves her!

YaYa and Papa Bear just being grandparents, SO FUN!

Uncle JJ or Uncle Jay finally got to meet Ava, he is in love as well:)

Above a little Ava shrine:)  Sweet sleeping pictures and my new fav in her hat from YaYa!

Last but not least, a few final pics of YaYa and Ava the day before she left!  There were many moments of Ava and YaYa like this the past few weeks!  I will miss seeing them and Ava has been upset this afternoon, I am sure she is missing you!

Enjoy the Super Bowl everyone! 
God Bless:)


Kayla said...

It's painful how cute she it!! OMG!! I miss y'all! I will for sure be praying for NO reflux! Yuck!! Love you! :)

Ashley said...

She IS so cute! Emma has reflux, so I know seeing them hurt is rough. Let me know if you need to talk! I will pray that all is okay though!

Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful!! Can't wait until our visit!! Hope all is well and she is doing better during the day. You are a GREAT Mommy! Love, Aunt Vicki

Stacey said...

Ava is absolutely precious! I have been keeping up with you on your blog the past few months, and I am blessed by your positive attitude!

Our little girl is two months old, and she has both reflux and a dairy allergy. I can absolutely relate to what you are experiencing with Ava right now. It sounds so familiar! Micah used to get VERY upset during the day, particularly around eating time, but she always slept well at night. Once we got her started on medicine {around 2 weeks}, she felt SO much better! I will be praying for you all, and I hope you find a solution soon.