Friday, May 14, 2010


7 days exactly until our family vacation to Galveston!!!!! Jason and I can not wait!

Also, yesterday was a BIG day for Miss Ava Reese. She rolled over from tummy to back and giggled/ laughed out loud- so precious!

She had been getting really frustrated lately on tummy time, grunting alot, fussing, drawing her knees up under her, etc. Once again she was at it and then all of sudden quieted down, pushed her chest off ground and flipped right over! I made a big deal of it of course and she got really talkative. Adorable!

As for the laugh, she has this grin where she is just turning inside out! For awoke she would give that grin and then do a series of little coughing noises. This time the grin remained and the bubbliness and bliss spilled out in the sweetest giggle sound I have ever heard!:)

Well that is all for now, have a great weekend!

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Melanie said...

I have just got to see that sweet baby girl of yours!!