Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I wanted to make sure and honor you on Mother's Day!  I wish so badly I could be there with you this weekend! 

For all of those out there who know my  mom the following description won't come as any surprise and for those who don't, you will be blessed by reading! 

My mom is the most selfless and giving person of her time and love that I know.  She pours her heart and soul into our family whether doing FUN and thoughtful things for us, planning vacations, listening to our long winded stories, giving Godly wisdom or advice, traveling back and forth to us as often as we need her to, going above and beyond for her grandchildren and serving us in that way, cooking special meals when we are around, and praying for us on a consistent basis! Those are only a few ways in which my mom makes my world go round:)!  I can not imagine life without her.  She is the glue in our family and is what brings the warmth, love, and comfort to us all that we call home! 

I am so thankful that as I get older and now have a baby of my own God reveals to me more and more the depth of my mom's sacrifices and love over the years as well as the profound Spritual impact she has has on my life! 

In addition, my mom is just a COOL person!  She is not only my mom but one of my BEST friends!  We have so much fun together!  We talk mutlitple times a day, she is the second person (after Jason) that I call with good news, heartache, prayers requests, and so forth!  So she is my mom, a best friend, and we share the bond of being sisters in Christ!  What a blessing to have all of that wrapped up in the package that God allowed me to call MOM!



Happy YaYa Day from Ava and Josiah:)!!!!!

We all love you very much!

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Jamie said...

I 100% agree with everything you said! We are so very blessed to have such an amazing mom and best friend in her! We will miss you tomorrow! =( Happy Early Mothers Day!!! Love you!