Saturday, May 8, 2010

Picture Mania.....

Here is a few pics of lately.  The ones that are kinda grainy are from my I-Phone.  I apologize but it sure helps for me to catch the moment:)!

Aren't I a little lady?
Bundled up outside at Daddy's softball game
Bumbo play time

Maybe an athlete?  She is already kick boxing;)

Capturing the chunk!

Waking up from nap time- I always stretch!

Tummy time

Love those eyes! 
(also notice in pic above and this one, same outfit and different bow- couldn't decide but landed on the pink)

So, this pic makes her look so much chunkier than she is, but I love it!

Jason's best friend in college and room mate with their kids.  We had a play date the other day and had alot of fun.  When we showed up the boys were also matching, so glad we weren't meeting up in public!

Talan, Harper, and Ava
Don't you love how Harper is wanting to poke at Ava while exploring her?

Possible future Wildcat?

We are enjoying our new toy- the exersaucer

Bumbo and book time-- getting so big!

Two more just cause pics!

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Hope you enjoyed the Ava journey:)


Jamie said...

she is so pretty...we can't wait to see soon!

Kayla said...

She is getting sooo cute!! I am loving that little round face!! Are her eyes turning more blue?? I can't tell what color they are. Love you, I hope we cans see you soon! :)