Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation Pictures and Family in A-town....

Well I finally have vacation pictures to post, yipee!!
They are so fun!  It is going to be hard to select which ones to post, but I will try to keep it sort of limited. 

Also, this past week we have had family in town visiting. It has been so much fun:).  Last Thursday YaYa hit town to just hang for several days and see Ava.  We had  a great, relaxed time not having any obligations or events taking place.  Then Sunday, Jamie, Jay, and Josiah hit the scene:)!  They were here for M-Pulse and Jamie and Josiah spent the days with us everyday.  Jay came over in the mornings and evenings when he could!  Mom took off to head home on Tuesday morning so she could go get ready to FINALLY close on their new house!  They are so excited to be moving, I can't wait to see the new place.  The Blackburn clan took off on Friday morning.  Then Saturday morning GJ hit town to be here for the weekend and celebrate Jason's 1st Father's Day with us! 

We had such a good time and were blessed by having so much family in town and in our home!

The activities of the week included...
  • Lots of Fousin time-- Josiah loves Ava and always is looking out for her.  He randomly would go over and give her love by hugging her or resting his head on hers, precious! 
  • Fun lunches
  • Girls game night with Mom, Jamie, and I at the dorm once kids were down to sleep
  • Family dinners
  • Celebrating Father's Day
  • Play date with Harper, Josiah, and Ava at the pool
  • YaYa loving on her grandchildren
  • GJ loving on Ava
  • Walks
  • and more!
Ava sure is missing having all the family around and all the attention:)!

Vactation Pictures (others from this past week in another post!)

We Kayaked the canal

We fished off the dock and out in the boat

We surfed
Jamie ended up having the best picture that got snapped so there she is:)

Josiah did....
Jo man absolutely loved the ocean!! They couldn't keep him out of it!  For more pics and fun of Josiah I will let you go to Jamie's blog, I am sure she will post soon.

We also played Wii but unfortunately I didn't take any pics only videos.  However, it was quiet hilarious and memories were made that will never be forgotten-- Yeah YaYa and Pappa Bear;)

Most importantly we just had a lot of great family time.....

Ava's first pool experience, she enjoyed it.

She loved the hammock!

and YaYa and Pappa!

Great Family Pic!

Thanks for looking at the small recap of Galveston Vacation 2010!


Roxanne said...

aw yay for your awesome family time!!! makes me DESPERATE to go to the beach AND to hang out with my fam!

love you guys :) that girl is such a cutie!

Wendi said...

Looks like fun! That is a really cute pic of you, your mom, & Jamie. Miss you!

Kayla said...

I wish we were on that little vacay too! I MISS everyone! And those little munchkins are soooo cute!! I just love them both! :)