Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ava's 6 Month Check Up....

We went to the doc today and Ava is doing just wonderfully!  There are only good things to report. 

Height- 27 inches long = just below 90th percentile or top 15% whichever way you want to look at it
Weight- 21 lbs = 97th percentile:)

It was good to be at the doctor with her smiling, laughing, playing, etc...   In the past she has always been pretty fussy!  It was also good to see that not only is she a chubby baby which we knew, but also a pretty long one!

He believes firmly that we can stop using Alimentum so over the next few days we will be trying to transition her to Similac Sensitive RS.  Prayers please!  Also, he also told us that her reflux if by then won't be something she outgrows until 10-12 months. So reflux medicine will continue for this little girl! 

We have added more solids with lots of fruits and veggies!  I am excited to start giving her more solids and less liquid:). 

Finally, we began sleep training her last night!  She did amazing!  She woke up and cried from 11:30-12:20 and then slept until 6:00 am this  morning!!  I know it was only the first night but we are praying it only gets better!  She is so old enough and definitely getting enough calories to do it!  We probably put it off to long, but you live, you learn, and you move on;)! 

That is all for now!  Pics and new life post coming soon!

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Lynn said...

You could tell she had grown some at YaYa and Papa's house! So glad to hear she is doing well and will be praying for a good transition to the new formula. What a sweetie pie!