Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life lately....

The month of August we have just been enjoying life in Abilene!  Of course there has been the usual work routine for Jason and I have been teaching some private lessons but other than work we have kept busy! 

I have tried to plan a little more activity in Ava and I's schedule a few times a week- so that we both don't go stir crazy indoors and so that she can be exposed to as much as possible!  We have also spent time with couple friends several times!  GJ also came to visit a couple of weeks ago and we might see her again Labor day weekend! 

It has been nice to have more activity in our lives some of the week - yet the low key days are still very much appreciated! 

We have been to the park several times, gone up to the school to watch the team practice or scrimmage several times, had a couple play dates, lunch dates with friends, ex-player time, Jason and I have gone on a date, had a few couples over for dinner, run errands, gone to eat lunch out on Jason's day off,  and more!  We have been having a lot of FUN! 

Ava seems to have really matured the last three weeks or so!  She is thinking really hard about crawling, yet still hasn't done so.  She is beginning to endure if not kinda enjoy tummy time again which is good!  She is saying sounds like "ma" and "ba" alot more regularly.  She is reaching for people, picking up dropped toys all the time, objecting when toys are taken away from her, choosing Dad over Mom occasionally, standing up against coach on her own for up to 3-4 minutes sometimes, etc.. 

One day I cued up a video for her that I was going to let her watch right before bath time.  However, I was still going to play with her some before that point.  She saw the video gearing up and then realized I had paused it.... let's just say after several double takes of the screen and then my face she distinctly and loudly let me know that she was ready to watch her video then!  -- crazy! 

Anyhow she is also wearing 12 month sleepers and PJ's!  We even wore a pair of Christmas PJ's that Betho and Kayla had gotten her for her first Christmas!  I was not sure how long she was going to have to wear them, so we tried them on and the top fits just right- we love our chubster!:)

We are ready for cooler weather but Praise God we have been blessed with a few glorious days here lately! 

Pics below but make sure to read the shout out to Jason towards the end!

Astros fan in the making!  Aunt Vicki and Uncle Doug gave this hat to her as a gift!  One day she couldn't help play with my hat so I thought I would give her one more her size and never dreamed it would fit, but it pretty much does!

Ava- "Are you talking to me?"

12 month PJ's

On slide at park

Big girl standing up!

Daddy Time

So, over the last several weeks, I have been sick a couple of times and just not feeling quite up to par!  Jason has always been a hands on Dad, pretty much when he is home- he does everything for Ava!  He then also helps cook, clean, etc..! He is A WONDERFUL DAD AND HUSBAND!  I didn't know that he could actually help anymore but while I was sick- he did!  He took care of me and Ava like a champ with such a joyous heart. 

Thank You Baby and Thank You Lord for blessing me with my best friend, life partner, and husband!

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