Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friends, Family, and More....

So I have not posted in a while!  Since my last post, we have had the privilege of spending time with lots of family and friends!  I will let the pictures do the talking on that one! 

My mom and I had lunch with Wendi and Melanie at Wendi's new house!  So FUN!

Two of the six HS buddies, loving on Miss Ava

At Lauren's wedding shower- five of the six of us made it- great time!

Lunch to celebrate Martha's birthday- lifelong friends (it is blurry- bummer)!
It was crazy to finally get to be out with all of them and our kiddos!  We are so there!

Ava giving Martha some birthday loves- so sweet:)

Mom and I before Meg Hill Allen's wedding

Aunt Jamie and Josiah feeding Ava one morning- right after this pic Josiah just sat by Ava and held her hand while she ate.  He loves her!

Swimming time in YaYa and Pappa's pool- it is so nice for mom and dad to have a pool!  Ava and Josiah love to go swimming!

Pappa and Ava jamming out one morning- she laid there and listened and sang along for like 25 minutes!

Precious girl LOVES sitting up all by herself in high chairs and shopping carts! 

Ava is doing wonderfully; however, she just came off of one of the roughest weeks for a little babe!  Right when we started sleep training her, we began introducing the new formula.  Then after two days of starting the new formula two teeth broke through the bottom! She slowly started refusing to eat, throwing up, having diarrhea, etc..  So then the question of course was is it the formula?  Part formula, part teething?  Or a non-related bug?  We landed on thinking it was the formula, unfortunately!  I still think it probably was but then two days later- I came down with an awful stomach bug! So-all that to say who knows and poor baby girl!  One tough week!

Anyhow, as for me God has started placing many opportunities for me to dive in here in Abilene.  As of now I am giving private lessons to several players in town, and mentoring a couple of my ex players.  It has been very good for me and I am thankful I am learning a little more to see the things of the Lord He has for me in my everyday life! 

This week is a tough week for me!  The team started two-a-days.  I pretty much can't get them off of my mind!  I still know that I made the right decision for our family for me to stay home, but I really hoped and prayed I would be involved with the team at least at some capacity.  I would love to occasionally help out or even just work with the setter I have coached until this year!  I know this too shall pass.  It is just harder than I expected to be right here and not being used or getting to help!  However, PRAISE GOD for placing other opportunities in front of me, that I know are from Him:)!! 


  • I am ready for some cooler whether so that Ava Reese and I can get outside more
  • I love the Art of Strength program I am doing at my gym
  • My husband is such a servant and I am grateful
  • Requesting prayers for God's continual guidance for Jason and I's lives, careers, etc...
  • Can't believe Ava is 6.5 months old
  • Miss all my friends and friends kiddos- don't get to see them enough!
  • Shout out to Phoebe Clyde... she worked real hard all summer to win the setting position at school! Tonight is their first game and she is setting! Way to go girlie- so PROUD!

That's all for now! Adios!

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Ashley said...

Ava is getting so big! Hope to see you guys soon!