Saturday, November 21, 2009

Video Camera Advice...

To any and all out there reading this blog, we welcome the advice!

Jason and I are trying to research and look into video camera's to buy before Miss Ava gets here.  We would like to get a good quality camera but for a reasonable price.  Good value for the money, you know:)  I would like one that we could download the videos to the computer but also possibly that does mini DVD's or something that we could have for long term storage that would play on the TV.  Who knows, some video cameras, might just plug straight into the TV with the cable and play but then what once you export that film to the computer? 

Anyhow, there are so many young moms out there in our circle of blogging, I figured you might have some opinions!  Especially if you have hubbies that are techie type men! 

Holla at us PLEASE!  Thanks:)


Vicki and Doug said...

Yo Linz -

I don't know much about current video cams, but you can always borrow my old school one if you want.

Roxanne said...

sorry i actually dont have much advice! i would def recommend going to best buy, telling them what you're looking for, that you are on a LOW budget, and just rack their technology-obsessed brains! :)

we got our camera from our father-in-law...and he spent much more than we would i never got to do much research! sorryyy! :) love!

Kayla said...

In our clinic at school they have the coolest little cameras that are attached to a flashdrive. You can instantly load your videos onto your computer and watch them like the second after you tape it. I don't know about the quality but it is tiny and could be in your purse at all times for unexpected moments of cuteness!! Plus it is only $100 so maybe you could just get that one too in addition to your real one! Love you!!